By combining the benefits of both classical and quantum computing, Quantagonia’s innovative B2B SaaS “Hybrid Quantum Platform” stands out from the competition.

A German firm named Quantagonia that specialises in software for quantum computing has completed its seed round of funding under the direction of Tensor Ventures, bringing its total funding to €4.3 million. In addition to three European deep tech VCs, a state holding and a family office have provided financial support.

“It is crucial that Europe and Germany act right away to prepare for the quantum revolution. As we saw with the introduction of artificial intelligence, we shouldn’t allow a repetition of missed innovations and the subsequent failure to capitalise on them. To take advantage of the advantages that quantum computing will provide in the future, businesses must act right away, according to Dirk Zechiel, CEO and co-founder of quantum software firm Quantagonia.

By combining the benefits of both classical and quantum computing, Quantagonia’s innovative B2B SaaS “Hybrid Quantum Platform” stands out from the competition. The startup wants to reach a broad market spectrum with the advantages of its Hybrid Quantum Platform. Quantagonia will use the funds it has raised to fund additional product development and sales growth.

With its Hybrid Quantum Platform, Quantagonia hopes to revolutionise computing and its uses by making it easier for existing programmes to run on both traditional and quantum computer architectures. This opens the door for the use of creative, primarily AI-based solutions.

“In Germany, the transition from fundamental research to industry is still generally too onerous. According to Martin Drdl from the new lead investor Tensor Ventures, Quantagonia stands out as one of the few European startups that facilitates this process by utilising their expertise in research and successful business development.

With the addition of the European Deep Tech VC Tensor Ventures, the Beteiligungs-Managementgesellschaft Hessen, and subsequent investments from existing backers, Quantagonia increased its investment volume to a total of €4.3 million after the pre-seed round in December 2021, which included participation from the FTTF (Fraunhofer Technology Transfer Fonds), Finnish Deep-Tech VC Voima Ventures, and a German family office.

Customers have access to applications in the fields of simulation, optimisation, and artificial intelligence thanks to Quantagonia’s Hybrid Quantum Platform. It seamlessly integrates with top producers of quantum hardware as well as classical hardware (such as CPUs and GPUs).

Customers can now solve optimisation issues using both quantum computers and conventional hardware thanks to the easily accessible HybridSolver, which provides proof of optimality.

Quantagonia offers its expertise for carrying out use-case analyses and putting in place future-focused solutions, even for those customers who have not yet adopted active quantum applications.

Quantagonia, founded in November 2021 by Dirk Zechiel, Sabina Jeschke, Sebastian Pokutta, and Philipp Hannemann, consists of 15 experts with expertise in computer science, physics, mathematics, and business development. The team aims to accelerate platform development and market reach, leading technological change.