The most well-known gaming headset manufacturers among South African gamers are Corsair and Logitech, who have long held the lead in this market.

The most well-known gaming headset manufacturers among South African gamers are Corsair and Logitech, who have long held the lead in this market.

Budget-conscious players frequently opt for affordable options from companies like Redragon and Cooler Master. There is also a lot of interest in companies like MSI, Razer, Sennheiser, Epos, and Steelseries.

According to Dreamware Tech, which spoke with MyBroadband, Corsair and Logitech headsets account for the majority of sales in the high-end market.

“Corsair and Logitech account for the majority of our sales in the premium headset category, with Redragon being a well-liked low-cost alternative, according to the statement.

“Also well-known gaming headset brands include MSI, Razer, Epos, Cooler Master, and Steelseries. Their sales are not quite as significant as those of the two most well-known brands, though.

It explained that over the previous year, it had noticed a rise in the popularity of Cooler Master headsets in particular. Corsair and Logitech, on the other hand, are well-known brands in the nation and are unlikely to be dethroned anytime soon.

For many years, Logitech gaming headset and Corsair gaming headset have dominated the peripherals market. They are well-known and have a sizable following in South Africa, according to Dreamware Tech.

According to Wootware, Corsair and Logitech are the market leaders in the peripherals sector.

“Corsair continues to dominate the South African gaming market, with their headsets remaining at the top of the popularity charts, and Logitech, a long-standing player in the gaming peripheral market, maintains a strong presence in South Africa,” the statement read.

It also mentioned that Sennheiser enjoys a sizable following in South Africa and that Epos has seen an increase in popularity.

“Epos, known for their top-notch audio solutions, has grown significantly in popularity in South Africa. Gamers have praised their headsets, making Epos a formidable rival in the industry, according to Wootware.

Sennheiser, known for its high-fidelity audio gear, has a devoted following in South Africa among both gamers and audiophiles.

Sennheiser continues to draw players who value audio quality in their gaming experience, the company said, despite fierce competition.

According to Dreamware Tech, most gamers changed their purchasing behaviours in response to the global economic downturn by upgrading less frequently and emphasising a more favourable price-to-performance ratio.

Wootware claimed that it had not noticed any sizable changes in recent years.

“South Africa has consistently seen a strong presence from the most well-known brands. In addition to maintaining their popularity, the aforementioned brands also provided some of the best deals in terms of price and performance, it said.

Pinnacle, Tarsus, and Syntech were also questioned by MyBroadband but did not respond by the time of publication.