The event’s theme, “Evolve towards a Borderless Future,” illustrates the direction Moldova is moving under the influence of international trends.

The Moldova Digital Summit attracted 2,500 participants from 30 countries, focusing on Moldova’s digital transformation and technological innovations. 68 speakers, including experts and business leaders, addressed the event’s significance.

The event’s theme, “Evolve towards a Borderless Future,” illustrates the direction Moldova is moving under the influence of international trends.

The Artificial Intelligence session, which featured speakers from renowned technology companies like Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Orange, Pentalog, and forward-thinking individuals from UC Berkeley, was at the forefront of the summit’s presentations, panels, roundtables, and workshops.

The “EVO” super app, created in collaboration with international donors including USAID, Sweden, UKaid, the World Bank, and UNDP, was released by the Moldovan government. The app transforms the relationship between the public and the government by giving citizens access to public services.

In order to create a common digital space, consolidate a shared infrastructure for electronic public services, facilitate investments, and promote innovative entrepreneurship in information technology and cybersecurity, the eGovernance Agency of Moldova and Romania signed a Memorandum of Understanding for Digital Transformation.

The inaugural Moldova Innovation Awards, a celebration of inventiveness and technology, marked the summit’s first day. The grand ceremony highlighted the tech and creative industries of Moldova’s enormous potential.

The awards successfully highlighted the transformative work being undertaken by Moldova’s tech community to revolutionise the future of digital solutions with over 55 applications from 41 tech and creative companies in the country.

The Moldova Digital Summit proved to be a great venue for showcasing the accomplishments of the sector and their significance for economic growth. ICT employs 3% of the active population and has experienced the highest growth rate of any economic sector as of 2022, surpassing 45%.

It contributes significantly to the GDP of the nation, making up roughly 7.4%, and accounts for 11% of exports worth more than USD 500 million. As a result, the Government of the Republic of Moldova continues to prioritise it as one of the development sectors.

Due to the IT infrastructure and a supportive business and legal environment, these accomplishments were made possible. For instance, Moldova has access to high-speed internet, is sixth in the world for broadband accessibility, and has 100% mobile network coverage. It also has the lowest fixed broadband costs.

A virtual park that combines EU best practises and streamlines bureaucratic procedures, Moldova offers the most alluring business incentives at the regional level, including a single tax of 7% on turnover within the Moldova Innovation and Technology Park (MITP). 1600 people have already moved to MITP, along with IT firms from 38 different nations.

Additionally, Moldova continues to advance its digitalization and e-Governance efforts thanks to the platform offered by MITP, which was recognised as the “Global Challenge Winner” in 2019. This platform fosters ongoing discussion about interoperability to create a unified digital space and address issues that prevent the widespread adoption of these strategies.

The recently approved “contactless business” legislative package, which lessens the burden and physical presence requirements for business founders in the nation, now rounds out these essential features. It also offers MITP residents’ employees the chance to work remotely, an IT Visa to allow them to hire talent outside of Moldova.

The Moldova Digital Summit 2023 showcases the nation’s IT sector’s accomplishments, but it also boasts internationally acclaimed wines and wine cellars that hold Guinness World Records.

The unspoiled landscapes provide a haven for nature lovers, and the friendly locals foster a welcoming atmosphere.

The dynamic startup, innovation, and creative ecosystem in Moldova presents countless chances for cooperation, development, and exploration. Moldova is a multifaceted gem that is prepared to embrace the world and offer chances for cooperation, expansion, and exploration.

The Moldova Digital Summit is a crucial event in Moldova’s ICT industry, promoting dialogue among stakeholders to harness technology’s potential in addressing complex challenges. Organised by the Moldovan Association of ICT Companies, it is financed by USAID, Sweden, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, and the EU Delegation.

Other international and local partners, including GIZ Moldova, Moldova Invest Agency, AmCham, Orange, Helvetas, and UNDP, also contribute significantly to the event.