Pakistan and Denmark exchanged the Plan of Action (2023–2027) on the Green Framework Engagement Agreement, which was signed in August 2022, on Thursday.

Pakistan and Denmark exchanged the Plan of Action (2023–2027) on the Green Framework Engagement Agreement, which was signed in August 2022, on Thursday. Both countries are addressing the challenges posed by climate change and working to find solutions.

The Plan of Action would open the door for joint initiatives and projects in renewable energy and the green transition, which would be driven by advancements in technology and cooperative alliances.

Additionally, it will help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and lay the groundwork for a sustainable future.

The Danish Minister of Development Cooperation, Dan Jrgensen, and I had a fruitful meeting where we discussed important issues like climate change, renewable energy, green technologies, and bilateral trade.

The Joint Action Plan on Green Framework Agreement was also exchanged, paving the way for a sustainable future, the Foreign Minister said following his meeting with Dan Jrgensen.

According to Pakistan’s foreign minister, Pakistan and Denmark were dealing with the effects of climate change in different ways because Denmark was a developed nation while Pakistan was a developing one.

“I think it is a good example of how a developing world and the developed world partner together to find solutions and work together to face the challenge,” he said in a media talk. Terming the agreement as very important, Danish Minister Dan Jorgensen said: “We share the same ambitions as we also want to fight climate change and both feel that international efforts to overcome the challenge are going too slow”.

He assured the foreign minister of his country’s full support in Pakistan’s fight against climate change. He also called upon the international community to cooperate with Pakistan in this regard.

The foreign minister said the Danish government had been a leading voice and leading advocate for the green energy transition of climate agenda within Europe and Pakistan.

He said partnering with the European countries on this ambitious agenda of green energy transition would not only have positive implications on Pakistan within the climate context but the economy as well. “We have decades of experience in wind energy, and we are ready to help Pakistan in this sector,” said the Danish minister.

Later, at a media briefing to a query about the recent boat tragedy in Greece, the MOFA Spokeswoman said: “On boat wreck off the coast of Greece, we have seen the reports. Initial reports from our Mission suggest that no Pakistani casualties have been reported. We continue to follow the developments in this case, and will keep the media updated.”

When asked to comment about the registration of cases against Pakistanis living abroad on charges of terrorism and the recent remarks by the Spokesman at the US State Department, she responded: “I would reiterate what I have said before, that Pakistan will continue to follow its laws and Constitution in holding those responsible for May 9 events to account.”

“The Constitution, Pakistani laws, and the rule of law will all be upheld during this process. We are still dedicated to upholding our constitutional duties to safeguard the property and rights of our citizens, who are entitled to constitutional protections and fundamental liberties that are upheld by our judicial system. We must uphold the rule of law because this is a nation of laws. Regarding the events of May 9, the Pakistani government will act in accordance with the law and the constitution.”

On June 17–18, 2023, Tehran will host the 12th round of the Pakistan-Iran Bilateral Political Consultations (BPC). In contrast to the Iranian side, which will be led by Ali Bagheri Kani, Iran’s deputy foreign minister for political affairs, Pakistan’s delegation will be led by the foreign secretary.