“Ventana is a flexible modular application that helps businesses streamline their customer support and marketing operations,” said Patrick Riemer, CTO of Sage42.

A cloud-based enterprise digital communications platform called Ventana is now immediately available, according to Sage 42 Apps Sdn. Bhd. (Sage42), is a business software development company.

In order to manage customer interactions on social media and messaging apps effectively using just one window, Ventana is packed with a suite of tools that businesses can use to streamline interdepartmental customer service and support (CSS) workflows.

It includes Taboo® Filter, which protects businesses by preventing the use of inappropriate content during interactions with customers, such as profanity, culturally insensitive words, images, and even emojis, to ensure compliance with the law and foster a positive company image.

According to Eugene Gan, CEO of Sage42, “Worldwide, more customers choose social apps like WhatsApp to conduct business and contact vendors. We were motivated by this trend to create Ventana so that companies could benefit from the most effective and efficient methods of providing digital customer service and support.

“Ventana is a flexible modular application that helps businesses streamline their customer support and marketing operations,” said Patrick Riemer, CTO of Sage42. By enabling businesses to customise and adapt it to meet their unique needs, it offers flexibility. Using Ventana makes it simple to coordinate various business processes like marketing, sales, customer service, and operations.

Ventana prioritises how an organisation can successfully orchestrate departments’ and teams’ collaboration to better handle the window of communication, unlike other solutions that put more emphasis on customer-facing technologies like AI chatbots. This guarantees that productivity stays at its peak level and avoids delays in customer service.

Another benefit of using Ventana is that businesses have access to code-free bots, which empower authorised users to independently develop chatbots for their specific departments and apply updates whenever it’s convenient, independent of the company’s IT team.

With Ventana, businesses can give their chatbots the flexibility to support a single or a number of social media platforms, depending on their needs. This level of flexibility is uncommon among the majority of chatbots currently available on the market.

In the meantime, Ventana reports can give businesses valuable information to expand their operations. “We’ve learned to approach customer communications management from within the enterprise thanks to our extensive experience creating tech solutions for big businesses.

Ventana optimises internal CSS workflows through this out-of-the-box “inward-looking” practise so that businesses with multiple departments and cross-regional operations can effectively manage and control their customer communications. This distinguishes Ventana from competing products currently available on the market, said Eugene.

In order to increase the product’s capabilities, the company is looking for strategic partners. For those interested in trying digital communications platform Ventana out, a trial account is available, Eugene said.