The leading all-encompassing app in the area, Careem, is growing its engineering hubs throughout Pakistan, Jordan, and Egypt.

The leading all-encompassing app in the area, Careem, is growing its engineering hubs throughout Pakistan, Jordan, and Egypt.

Numerous open engineering positions are being actively sought after by the company in important cities like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Amman, Cairo, and Alexandria.

Currently, Careem employs over 600 tech professionals in its engineering hubs, with Pakistan, Jordan, and Egypt accounting for 55% of the organization’s total engineering workforce. Additionally, Careem employs engineers in Germany and the United Arab Emirates.

The engineering hubs at Careem offer a wide range of specialties, including infrastructure engineering, data and AI, front-end, back-end, full-stack, web, and mobile. In Pakistan, Jordan, and Egypt since 2023, Careem has hired for nearly 80 tech-related positions.

The technology that powers Careem’s Super App services, which include Rides, Food, Quik, Pay, and partner services, is created in the company’s engineering hubs. They apply their knowledge from top global technology companies to solve practical regional problems and develop fresh products.

Careem’s Chief Technology Officer, Stephen Kruger, emphasised the value of giving the bright minds in the area worthwhile opportunities. He acknowledged that there aren’t many mid-sized tech companies in the area for these graduates to work for, so Careem wants to create a long-lasting organisation that will spur development and keep talent in the area.

Senior Director of Engineering at Careem Selim Turki highlighted the opportunities for tech talent in Pakistan, Jordan, and Egypt as well as the engineering team’s quick expansion.

The business has demonstrated that globally competitive technology can be created in the area, and it now wants to give talented engineers even more chances to help create the next wave of technological advancements. Candidates who are enthusiastic about enhancing people’s lives and advancing development in the area are sought after by Careem.

In order to conduct research on unresolved regional issues, Careem has forged partnerships with local and international academic institutions.

One such model is STEF-DHNet, a demand prediction model that incorporates cutting-edge neural networks to assess external factors and their impact on ride-hailing demand. The economic growth of the area is aided by this collaboration.

In order to support the development of young engineers, Careem has launched the “Next Gen” programme. The opportunity to work with senior technical experts and gain practical experience in solving real-world problems is available to next-generation engineers.

Careem offers an embedded technical training programme that makes use of cutting-edge tools and resources. The engineering hubs of Careem offer ‘Next Gen’ learning opportunities.

The expansion of Careem’s engineering hubs throughout Pakistan, Jordan, and Egypt demonstrates the company’s dedication to giving talented people in the area worthwhile opportunities.

Careem seeks to address local issues and support local economic growth through its Super App platform and collaborations with academic institutions.

The “Next Gen” programme highlights Careem’s commitment to developing young engineers and giving them the resources and opportunities they need to flourish in the tech sector.

In order to provide employment opportunities for local talent and promote a culture of innovation and collaboration, Careem is growing its engineering hubs in Pakistan, Jordan, and Egypt. These nations’ strong engineering workforces support their economic development and establish them as significant players in the global tech industry.

By giving its engineers access to cutting-edge tools and technologies, Careem is dedicated to remaining at the forefront of technological advancements.

Careem’s dedication to professional growth guarantees the company’s position as a market leader and empowers the company’s engineers to approach difficult problems with innovation and knowledge.

Careem is an innovative company that collaborates with academic institutions to effectively address regional challenges by utilising academic knowledge and cutting-edge research.

Careem stands out as a progressive company dedicated to improving the lives of people in the communities it serves thanks to its focus on real-life problem-solving and innovation in the area.

Careem’s Super App platform, which combines ride-hailing, food delivery, quick errands, and payment services into one app, has completely changed how people in the area access various services. Convenience has increased thanks to this strategy, which has also helped the local digital economy expand.

Careem’s dedication to creating an enduring institution in the area and giving bright individuals worthwhile opportunities demonstrates its faith in the potential of the local talent pool. Careem paves the way for a better future where technology continues to drive progress and enhance people’s lives by fostering this talent and an environment of innovation.