STEAM Pakistan applauds Tareen Education Foundation’s transformative initiatives in Lodhran By Ijaz Khan Sahu LODHRAN.

The Tareen Education Foundation (TEF) in Lodhran was recently visited by a delegation from STEAM Pakistan, a non-profit group devoted to promoting science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics education in Pakistan.

The delegation included Ms. Huma Zia, Head of Policy, Ms. Ghamae Jamal, Senior Research Associate, and Ms. Areej Mahmood, Punjab Lead from the Malala Fund, as well as Mr. Bilal Rao, Head of Delivery Reforms and Implementation.

When the delegation arrived, Mr. Akbar Khan, the head of TEF, and his staff gave them a warm welcome. Mr. Khan gave the visitors a thorough overview of the history, mission, and outstanding accomplishments of TEF during the visit. TEF has dedicated the last thirteen years to giving disadvantaged kids in the Lodhran district access to a top-notch education.

STEAM Pakistan applauds Tareen Education Foundation’s transformative initiatives in Lodhran By Ijaz Khan Sahu LODHRAN.

Four TEF-sponsored schools were able to be visited by the delegation: Amina Girls School and College 21 MPR, Lodhran Public School Lodhran, Government Girls High School Lodhran, and TEF School Khanwan Ghalwan.

The delegation was very impressed by the cutting-edge infrastructure and amenities TEF provided in these schools, including libraries, computer labs, digital literacy programmes, and sporting facilities.

Additionally, they interacted with students and teachers, praising them for their enthusiasm and exceptional work. The delegation then had a fruitful discussion about TEF’s educational reforms with the administrators and instructors of government schools.

With the TEF team, they had in-depth conversations about the opportunities and challenges facing the Lodhran district’s educational system. They also talked about potential future partnerships between TEF and STEAM Pakistan.

The delegation expressed their appreciation and admiration for TEF’s efforts and those of its founder, Mr. Jahangir Khan Tareen, for their groundbreaking work in changing the educational landscape of the Lodhran district.

The delegation expressed their desire to replicate TEF’s success in other government high schools through policy-level changes after being inspired by the reformative initiatives at Amina Girls High School.

This trip was a component of STEAM Pakistan’s ongoing effort to track and aid educational innovations and interventions across different Pakistani regions.