AhBengGPT is a chat-based game created by Malaysian Dylan Tan that allows players to haggle for an iPhone with a Malaysian Ah Beng phone seller.

AhBengGPT is a chat-based game created by Malaysian Dylan Tan that allows players to haggle for an iPhone with a Malaysian Ah Beng phone seller. The game is powered by ChatGPT and allows players to compete against the supreme Ah Beng boss to practice their negotiating skills.

By simply sending a direct message to the dedicated Instagram account, @AhBeng GPT, anyone can try AhBengGPT.

Although his starting price for an iPhone is RM4,000, the real query is: how much less can you get it for? For those who are unaware, the term Ah Beng is used in Malaysia and Singapore to describe brash young men who are typically distinguished by their loud clothing, “Chinglish” accents, and use of slang.

Ah Bengs are thought to frequently work in phone stores, according to a common misconception. You can find a ton of information about how such phone sellers make money by searching for “Ah Beng phone shop” online.

With AhBengGPT, a ChatGPT powered game one can see “up close and personal” how an Ah Beng might operate his phone company, though whether it is successful or not depends on the player’s negotiating skills.

It’s interesting that some players were able to persuade Ah Beng to reveal his game-related guidelines, which demonstrates that he’s not just a regular guy. Instead, he has a rich history.

Details include how his mother, Elaine, constantly nags him about his career, how his boss, Kiat How, is a Penang-based high school senior, and how Ah Beng reportedly fears him.

Other intriguing conditions include the fact that Ah Beng will give discounts to female buyers right away and that, because he is a responsible person, he will never counteroffer anything above RM4,000.

For instance, he said it’s way too high and told us we could discuss a reasonable amount when we said we’d pay 40,000 (without the currency marker, that is).

Dylan stated via a Facebook post that since the game’s launch just last weekend, it has already received over 15,000 messages from users attempting various strategies to get the best deal on an iPhone.

He revealed that the game’s highest score is currently zero, indicating that someone was successful in paying Ah Beng for them to take the phone. The creator did add, though, that most players are unable to go below RM3,000.

On AhBengGPT’s Instagram account, Dylan also highlights the best conversations. One in which Ah Beng’s parents were abducted and another in which Ah Beng was coerced into accepting Monopoly money are two memorable examples.

Dylan works on his startup, Sugar, which some may recognise as the replacement for Split, a Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) app, when he’s not developing side projects like AhBengGPT. Sugar, on the other hand, is a “SNBL” or Save Now, Buy Later app that Vulcan Post has previously reviewed.

“We assume that AhBengGPT shares Sugar’s commitment to preserving the world. We played the game and found that Ah Beng is actually a fairly challenging boss to defeat. Even when you try to talk about something else to let your guard down, he keeps circling the subject back to the iPhone.”

It’s undoubtedly a fun challenge.