Webinar Held To Raise Awareness About Cybersecurity's Importance

The minister emphasised the significance of working in concert with business to address global challenges and maintain the ecosystem’s overall health.

Webinar Held To Raise Awareness About Cybersecurity's Importance

To create a workable national mechanism for cyber security in Pakistan, the Federal Minister for Planning and Development has issued instructions to the appropriate parties.

The minister emphasised the need for a national mechanism to address emerging cyber security needs while presiding over a high-level meeting of cyber security stakeholders on Friday in this location.

The meeting covered the current state of cyber security in Pakistan. The minister emphasised the significance of working in concert with business to address global challenges and maintain the ecosystem’s overall health.

“Security measures must be taken immediately to protect data, financial systems, technology platforms, and systems at the federal level. To meet the needs of the nation, strong governance systems are also essential,” the minister stressed.

The stakeholders were instructed to present a strategy involving business, academia, and the national talent pool within the following six days. The minister emphasised the importance of putting cyber security protocols into practise in order to address vulnerabilities and take preventative action.

He claimed that a national mechanism would protect the nation’s cyber infrastructure and guarantee that cyberthreats were effectively countered.

He declared that the government would take all necessary measures to punish the offender for dealing with it, including raising widespread public awareness, which is essential to the success of this policy.

For the same, a public-private partnership will offer technical and operational support. With this knowledge, the government can better prepare the populace to protect their online privacy.

Pakistan is now guaranteed a robust cyber defence. Hopefully, these necessary actions will establish a safe online environment in the nation and raise its standing on the Global Cyber Security Index in the upcoming years.

He claimed that the National Centre for Cyber Security (NCCS), a joint project of the Planning Commission and Higher Education Commission, was established by the Pakistani government in 2018.

The organisation currently focuses on network security, smart devices, and cybercrime forensics. The meeting was informed that new techniques for committing cybercrimes are developing daily, making research and development essential in the fight against various cybercrimes.

The National Center for Cyber Security (NCCS) plays a part in this. The NCCS focuses on both theoretical and applied aspects of combating cybercrime.

It is renowned for its work in the fields of cyber reconnaissance, cybercrime investigations, blockchain security, digital forensics, internet security and privacy, critical infrastructure security, mobile phone security, and malware analysis. Digitalization is taking over the entire world for the best of reasons.

Pakistan has undergone significant digitization as a result of its sizable internet user population. Government, private stakeholders, and even individuals are becoming increasingly reliant on digital services, particularly mobile banking and online banking transactions, thanks to improved internet connectivity.

These digitisations have also led to the emergence of new criminal tactics. Global cybersecurity threats have been a challenge, and every government needs a specialised unit to combat cybercrime.

Pakistan now has such trustworthy organisations to combat cybercrime. In the online world, assuming an anonymous persona is very simple. The IP only needs to be concealed. It is simpler to track online activity when using an IP address.

However, just because there are cyberthreats does not mean that one can stop themselves from participating in online activities. Using good digital hygiene and government initiatives, a nation can lessen the impact of cyberthreats. In addition to organisations like NCCS, a strong cybersecurity policy is essential.