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Dr. Kemal Ayden said that one of his friends in Pakistan, Vice Chairman S G B Shahid Najam, has promised to give land for the Ibn-e-Sina university in Lahore.

Virtual Learning Made Easy: Top Tools and Apps for Education

Ibn-e-Sina University will soon be established in Pakistan, according to the Turkish Ibn-e-Sina Institute. After Eid ul Fitr, Dr. Kemal Ayden of the World Aging Council and President of the Ibn-e-Sina Institute of Turkey will visit Pakistan.

He is anticipated to meet both Prime Minister and President  during the visit. In his speech at the Ankara Diplomatic Forum, Dr. Kemal Ayden, president of the World Aging Council, said that he graduated from the Allama Iqbal Medical College in Lahore between 1990 and 1996 and that the people there, including his classmates, teachers, and fellow citizens, showed him a lot of love and respect.

Dr. Kemal Ayden reported his aim to establish Ibn-e-Sina Foundation College in Pakistan. He mentioned that a friend in Pakistan, Vice Chairman S G B Shahid Najam, had agreed to donate land for the Ibn-e-Sina university in Lahore and that he planned to visit Pakistan after Eidul Fitr to finalize his new project there.

Dr. Kemal Ayden is scheduled to meet with Pakistan’s President and Prime Minister to talk about setting up the Ibn-e-Sina University there. He has communicated his affection and regard for the nation and its kin, having remained there for a considerable length of time regarding his examinations in Lahore.

He claimed that Pakistan was his second home and that his teachers, fellow students, and other individuals treated him with kindness and respect.

He claims that his 25-year struggle was always in favor of Muslims, and he worked to assist the Muslim Ummah using the most recent scientific and technical information.

The establishment of the Ibn Sina Institute/University for the Muslim Ummah on a modern scientific foundation is the fruit of his 25 years of labor. It has been laid out in Ankara, Lahore, D-8 (Indonesia, Malaysia), Bangladesh, Nigeria, Iran, Egypt, Pakistan, and Turkey.

He intends to carry it to Pakistan and afterward the OIC to the UN, and 25000 Specialists in the USA are in touch with him. Dr. Kemal Ayden claims that Dr. Ayden’s close friend and Pakistani Ambassador Yousaf Junaid will arrange his meetings with Pakistan’s President and Prime Minister.

In addition, he will visit five Pakistani cities, Lahore, Faisalabad, Sialkot, Karachi, and Islamabad, to meet with business and educational leaders. He has established strong relationships with the members, who have reassured him that his ambitious project will undoubtedly succeed.

Dr. Kemal Ayden is additionally in touch with various Negotiators and government functionaries, who have guaranteed their help in laying out his venture in Pakistan.

He previously served as an advisor to the President of the Turkish Human Rights and Equality Agency and as a coordinator at the Ministry of Health, General Directorate for Foreign Relations, and the European Union.

He also served as a temporary doctor at the Kastamono Nursing Home of the Prime Ministry Social Services and Child Protection Agency in the same year. With a NUFIC scholarship at the end of 1998, Professor in the Department of Geriatrics and Gerontology at Utrecht University in the Netherlands.

He worked on research under Dr. Sijmen Duursma’s direction. In 2000, he finished a Geriatrics and Gerontology Expert’s program in a joint effort with the Unified Countries Global Organization on Maturing and the College of Malta.

He received his degree in 1996 from Punjab University in Pakistan’s Faculty of Medicine through the International Student Exchange Program, which was established in 1989 by the Ministry of National Education.