The entomology laboratory is most recent accomplishment in long-standing U.S.-Pakistan health partnership and is funded by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


The Federal Secretary at the Ministry of National Health Services, Regulation, and Coordination, Dr. Muhammad Fakhre Alam Irfan, and Chief Executive Officer of the Pakistani National Institute of Health Ghazal Parveen inaugurated a U.S.-funded entomology laboratory on Monday that will improve Pakistan’s capacity to monitor and respond to outbreaks of vector-borne diseases.

The devastating floods that swept through Pakistan in 2022 served as a reminder to everyone of the health risks posed by waterborne illnesses, Schofer said. He continued, “The United States supports Pakistan as it works to recover from the floods.

The entomology laboratory is the most recent accomplishment in the long-standing U.S.-Pakistan health partnership and is funded by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The United States and Pakistan have worked closely together for many years to support the Pakistani people’s health. U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention specialists visited Pakistan following both the 2010 and 2022 floods to consult with Pakistani and UN partners about how to effectively address the health crises brought on by the flooding.

In recent years, the US and Pakistan have also collaborated to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, with the US providing Pakistan with over 80 million doses of safe and effective COVID vaccines.

Additionally, the U.S. Agency for International Development has constructed hospitals and clinics all over Pakistan, increasing access to high-quality medical care. For instance, the USAID-built Jacobabad Institute of Medical Sciences remained operational throughout the 2022 floods, providing essential medical care to flood victims.

Through the U.S.-Pakistan Green Alliance framework, among other avenues, the United States will continue to forge a solid partnership with Pakistan in the fields of science and health.

One of the most esteemed organisations in the nation, the National Institutes of Health has spent more than 40 years providing multidisciplinary public health-related services like diagnostic testing, research, and vaccine production.

The National Health Center (NHC) concept was first conceived in the early 1960s, and operations at Islamabad began in 1965. The Directorate of Nutrition Survey and a few other organisations conducting health-related research were moved to NHC. Later, all of these previously independent departments were combined and given the name National Health Laboratories (NHL – Islamabad).