African Startups Kubik And Emata Win 2022 Global Startup Awards

Global Startup Awards Africa winners’ network includes GIIG Africa Fund, which is in top 1%. The GIIG Africa Foundation supports the development of the other 99% of companies.

African Startups Kubik And Emata Win 2022 Global Startup Awards

The 2022 Global Startup Awards have named two African start-ups as global winners. The contest, which is the biggest independent start-up competition in the world, gives startups access to global markets, funding opportunities, and a network of influential people.

The GSA’s Startup of the Year category was won by Kubik, an Ethiopian environmental technology company that converts plastic waste into affordable, low-carbon structures. To avoid the need for expensive and polluting materials, the company’s eco-friendly alternative building materials interlock.

Emata, a Ugandan fintech start-up, won the Best Newcomer award for offering affordable digital loans to smallholder farmers. The company has automated the entire loan process from data collection and credit scoring to loan disbursement and offers loans as small as UGX 60 000 (about $15).

Jo Griffiths, co-founder of the GSA Africa and the Global Innovation Initiative Group, stated that these awards help to identify and celebrate future-shapers, and build a network of innovation organisations across the globe.

The focus of the season is on green innovation and how to propel society to move in a more sustainable direction. The investor delegation and African meet-ups were additional approaches to connect start-ups with like-minded individuals, potential investors, and the general public.

The Global Startup Awards Africa winners’ network includes the GIIG Africa Fund, which is in the top 1%. The GIIG Africa Foundation supports the development of the other 99% of companies.

The recognition is fueling a new industrial revolution propelled by sustainable growth. Kidus Asfaw, co-founder and chief executive of Kubik, said during his acceptance speech at the GSA that he represented Africa, not just his business.

He said that Kubik’s success as the world’s top startup of the year was largely due to the support of their nation and community.

The GSA’s multifaceted dynamic is the outcome of in-depth and meticulous research, networking, and global collaborations to identify the most promising innovators. Over the past ten years, the GSA has supported innovative projects and products related to next-generation innovation using market position and growth services, giving more than 10,000 start-ups visibility.

The announcement of the overall 2022 Global Startup Awards winners demonstrated Africa’s recognition on a global scale. The awards dispel prejudices and preconceived notions about Africa by recognising start-ups from this region for international recognition.

Before announcing the winners in 12 categories, including best newcomer, women in tech, healthtech, and agritech, the GSA Africa considered 7589 nominees. There were 60 regional winners declared. Griffiths contends that Africa has the solutions to many of the world’s most pressing problems.

The continent, according to her, is teeming with top-tier talent, impact-driven ideas, and numerous opportunities to scale. Griffiths is incredibly eager to meet the upcoming group of innovators from Africa and to help them succeed by providing them with fresh chances to get funding, access to markets, and mentorship from around the world.

The annual international awards ceremony and the GSA’s headquarters are held in Copenhagen, which is known as Europe’s green capital. The city actively promotes both direct and indirect investments in eco-innovation and green growth.