Hosting an international scientific world cup like Pakistan Young Physicists Tournament PYPT-2023 in Pakistan is no less than a miracle.

Hosting an international scientific world cup like Pakistan Young Physicists Tournament PYPT-2023 in Pakistan is no less than a miracle.

Where millions of students and other professionals from Pakistan are increasingly moving abroad, Pakistan is facing a myriad of problems, rising inflation, unemployment, growing disillusionment with political tyranny, hanging the sword of default on Pakistan, weak foreign policy and more.

PYPT (Pakistan Young Physicists Tournament) is one of the members of IYPT (International Young Physicists Tournament). The IYPT 2023 will take place in Murree, Pakistan from the 18th of July (Arrival day) to the 25th of July 2023 (Departure day).

I think that the youth of Pakistan who are interested in physics and want to become future scientists should definitely participate in it.

This Pakistan Young Physicists Tournament was established in 1988, and grew from a Soviet based Russian language competition, into one of the World’s largest and most prestigious international physics contests with nations from all over the World competing annually. It provides students with a platform that pushes them to think out of the box.

Generally, science students in developing and underdeveloped countries think only memorizing book questions and numericals are conceptual but in reality they are nothing but rote sentences or formulas or copying.

In this scientific competition, students have to give their statement about a scientific phenomenon that someone else has already worked on, but the students have to access the reality of the same pre-existing scientific phenomenon in a different way. In this, students can reach the heights of success by using their God-given creativity on specific scientific phenomena. And can earn a name in the field of Science.

Students can publish their research papers in it. IYPT-2016 held a successful tournament in Pakistan.
Young scientist Shahir Niazi is a link in this chain.

Young scientist Shaheer Niazi found a way to photograph the movement of ions that form the honeycomb shape made when electrically charged particles try to pass through a pool of oil. The resulting shape is also known to scientists as Rose window instability.

Actually Shaheer Niazi used shadowgraphy to image the ion stream. This had not been done before.
If our youth empower themselves in the field of science in the same way, I think it can have a good impact not only on our education but also on our economy in the future.

I’m a physics student. In 2019 when I was a student myself. After giving physics lectures to FSC Part-I, Part-II and Matriculation 9th, 10th students, I started doing some general discussion with my students, meanwhile a curious student suddenly asked me, “Sir! How do scientists become? and do I become a future scientist? or Can’t be?”

On this question, the whole class started making fun of him. I silenced the entire class in a serious manner. And I encouraged that student by saying “Yes! Each of you can make a revolution in science if you apply your talents.” Another student asked “Sir! How?” In response, I started writing some important points on the white board. I have explained those points in detail to people in many seminars and gatherings. Which are:

Believe me you can become a future Scientist.
1. Find Gaps:
The second thing I discovered about this is that you have to find gaps or spacing in things. Look for dimensions in various phenomena of the universe.

2. Be Creative: Understand the topics or phenomena instead of memorizing them. Because when you understand things or phenomena, then you can come to the fact that where and in which topics you can find gaps.

Some people are suffering from the biggest misunderstanding today that all things, all phenomena and all discoveries have been completed by previous scientists and all we have to do is remembering what previous scientists have done before us.

3. Note Accidental Phenomena: Pay attention to accidental phenomena and write down them in your diary in your own words even in code words.

4. Control Your Dreams:
Lucid Dream: “A lucid dream where the dreamer becomes aware that he is dreaming.” During a lucid dream the dreamer may gain some control over the dream’s characters, narrative and environment.” I myself have tried to control many dreams. Sometimes I was able to control some elements of my dream. I discovered many such things in my dreams many times. And after trying to touch them I found them non-existent.

5. Think Like A Scientist:
Think that you are a well-known scientist and you have some tasks to find out? To think like a scientist you must ask questions, make detailed observations, develop a hypothesis, find answers using tests and questions your answers. So observe the object and note what you find and learn.

6. Make A Guess: Make a guess and analyze the results or conclusions, because a conclusion describes what the evidence tells the scientists.

7. Repeat Experiment: Repeat your experiment multiple times to verify your results.

8. Be Courageous: As a scientist you have to be courageous and consistent.

There is no dearth of talent in Pakistan. Pakistan especially in the field of physics Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan, Ashfaq Ahmed Khan, Shaheer Niazi and many more. Those who accomplished the feats in the field of physics in spite of less resources surprised the world. And serve this country and nation till the last drop of blood.