Soybean Utilizations Good Or Bad For Human Health

Soybean has good fats in the sense that it has polyunsaturated fats Omega 3 and Omega 6. It has unsaturated fats, which protect us from many diseases.

Soybean Utilizations Good Or Bad For Human Health

Although soybeans are now widely consumed all over the world, they are also one of the five sacred foods of China. According to archaeological evidence, soybeans were grown in China around 1100 BC. Soybean is also an important ingredient in multiple chemical products. We normally prepare lentil food from soybean, but it has so many utilization and recipes due to its many health benefits.

Benefits of soybean as a nutrient source :

Soybean is full of protein because it has all nine essential amino acids we need for bones and muscles. It is best for people who want to gain weight because it is full of calories, especially when we mix soybeans with flour and then intake. In 100 gram of soybeans, 440 calories are present. Antioxidants are also present in soybean.

Soybean has good fats in the sense that it has polyunsaturated fats Omega-3 and Omega-6. It has unsaturated fats, which protect us from many diseases. When we boil soybeans after bowling, too much fiber is found. Our bodies require 25 g of fiber per day. Out of 25g, ten gram fiber present in 1 cup of soybean. Animal protein contain zero fiber, so for fiber we take soybean.

It is best for heart patients because it has a zero cholesterol level (LDL). Heart patients may use tofu, which is very common in Asian countries. It is heart healthy because only 10-15% total fats in soybean are saturated and the remaining 85 % are unsaturated.

Soybean is full of iron. Iron is essential in making hemoglobin. Amount of soybean required for men and women is 8.7 mg and in one cup of soybean 9 mg iron is present which is very beneficial for human health. Studies and research proved that vegetarian peoples have some iron deficiency, which is fulfilled by soybean.

Soybean contains a lot of potassium. In one cup of soybean 886 mg of potassium present which is equal to double medium size bananas. Potassium is required for right function of kidney, heart and nerves. So soybean is a good source to regulate these functions.

If we regularly consume soybean, scientific study proved that our blood pressure always controlled or regular consumption of soybean reduce risk of brain stroke by 14% as compared to other population.

After menopause, lose a lot of bone mass is reduced. So soybean has a chemical called isoflavone which has equal behavior like Oestrogen. Oestrogen is that hormone which present in females and protect us from osteoporosis.

Research proved that persons which consume soybean from childhood to continuous have chances of breast cancer 50% less as compared to other population. It helps us even in adults the isoflavone, the phytonutrient in soybean, may actually shrink cancer tumor. So for females, regular consumption of soybean food is very, very helpful.

Prostate cancer, second most common cancer in the world. In Asian countries where soybean consumption is high, prostate cancer is low. Scientists think that in isoflavone mainly two compound called genisien and daidzein which slow or stop tumor growth in prostate.

Is Soybean Utilization Good or Bad:

There is a big controversy whether soybean utilization is good or bad because in Japan soybean is a super food where in Us Soybean is not widely excepted.

Reasons of controversy:

Soybean is supper food in Japan due to its nutritional value and so many health benefits. Where in U.S. soybean is used is not widely consumed because U.S. people though that phytoestrogen(isoflavone)  present in soybean is not good for males, and they face differences in their voice, gait, and lower tester one level because estrogen is basically for female.

Due to this fear they performed experiment in mice: 51 mg isoflavone giving to mouse which is huge amount as compared to size of mouse, so it’s obvious that results are not good. This experiment is not true for human because if a person takes 500 to 700 gram soy daily then expected same results shown like mouse. So this research is not accurate for human being because per person not consume soy 1 kg daily.

Another big reason that soybean is not considered good for us people are because in the U.S., the protein and meat industries are huge, and soybean is full of protein and considered equal to meat, so both industries suffer huge losses. So that’s why these industries start spreading the propaganda that soybean is not good and different research is done on it.

Soybean is not a bad food, but way of consumption may b wrong. Soybean consumption in fermented form is beneficial to health; however, soy consumption in processed form, such as bar, is harmful to health and should be limited.

By Husna Falaksher

Student of agriculture university faisalabad.