Nearly 4 million households’ annual energy needs will be satisfied by the project’s annual contribution of 9 billion kilowatt-hours of clean electricity to the local grid.


Shanghai Electric of China’s Thar Block-1 integrated coal mine and power project in Pakistan began official commercial operation on February 5, 2023, after both units passed the Reliability Run Test successfully following 168 hours of full-load operation.

Nearly 4 million households’ annual energy needs will be satisfied by the project’s annual contribution of 9 billion kilowatt-hours of clean electricity to the local grid.

“The power project in Pakistan, which Shanghai Electric describes as its first Build-Own-Operate (BOO) project, was created, built, and run for a total of almost US$3 billion. Since construction started in March 2019, we are happy to report that our technology and comprehensive solutions have successfully addressed the local power shortage issue.”

“We are significantly lowering energy prices, improving the energy structure, easing the energy import crisis, and bolstering national energy security through our collaboration with local stakeholders and the use of local fuel “said Donghai Meng, director and chief executive officer of Thar Coal Block-I Power Generation.

The 1,320 MW project is supported by an open-pit coal mine that annually produces 7.8 Mt of lignite (brown coal). Sino Sindh Resources, a subsidiary of Shanghai Electric, runs the mine, which is serviced by a sizable mining fleet made up of 28 Liebherr R 9100B hydraulic mining excavators and 55 t MT86D Chinese wide body trucks from LGMG.

Technology-advanced equipment, including high-parameter steam turbines, generators, tower type boilers, high-pressure heaters, low-pressure heaters, condensers, de-aerators, 108 supporting motors, blowers, induced draught fans, cooling fume fans, and low-temperature economizers, are all part of the project’s power generation.

These devices were all provided by Shanghai Electric. According to the statement, “It will serve as a benchmark for the use of Thar energy in the future because of its technology, which was specifically designed to meet Pakistan’s local needs for fossil fuels.”

The Thar project not only marks an important turning point for Shanghai Electric but also advances the social and economic well-being of the neighbourhood.

The project has given local workers vocational training in addition to creating more than 15,000 jobs during construction, paying more than $120 million in taxes, and donating money to start a Chinese language school for cross-cultural exchanges.

“This dedication to enhancing the quality of life for locals, safeguarding the environment, and fostering economic development has given the Thar region new life, demonstrating Shanghai Electric’s commitment to developing projects that empower communities,”

The business adds: “The project, which involved numerous rounds of discussion and consultation with local government, village headmen, and resident representatives to ensure a stable power supply throughout the open pit mine’s life cycle, is evidence of Shanghai Electric‘s dedication to collaborating with local stakeholders to develop long-term, sustainable solutions.”

“The project helped the local government relocate indigenous people in the mining area, improving their living conditions and granting them access to clean water and electricity. It also sought to promote ecological construction by adopting a sprinkler irrigation system to improve the ecological construction of the open pit mine. Shanghai Electric has established a new benchmark for responsible energy solutions by putting a focus on community collaboration and sustainable development.”