LSD is caused by the virus which is known as capripoxvirus and this capripoxvirus belong to the goatpox and sheeppox virus family.


Lumpy skin disease is the transitory and intervening disease of the cattle. It is caused by the skin disease virus. The portrait was given by Zambia ( southern Africa ) in 1929.

The first case appeared in India in 2019(in West Bengal and eastern India). Lumpy skin disease was an acute and subacute disease. It is the apparently viral disease in the cattle.

It is expressed by the sudden fever in the cattle and the appearance of the nodules on their skin. This viral disease causes necrosis, and the cattle lost their immune systems while facing this viral disease .

The mucosae are present in the digestive and respiratory tracts, which are more difficult or painful for the cattle to breathe. The subcutaneous hydrops are present on their limbs, and lymphadenitis is also peculiar of the disease.

Transmission of LSD:

Primary route : When an insects like mosquito, flies bites the animal it can infect the animal.

Minor route: The animals came into direct contact with other animals and infected them badly by transferring their saliva during drinking the water from the same area. Cutaneous lesions,saliva, nasal discharge, milk, semen, and muscles also transfer the disease between each other.

Resistant to desiccation: Minor concentrations of mysore can cause a slow transfer of disease.
No proper carrier state: It has no proper carrier state of transmission diseases . It can be transferred through different sources or animals.

Spread is related to the movement of cattle: If the movement of cattle is slow, then it spreads slowly, and if the movement of cattle is fast, then it spreads quickly. (The virus can survive in dessicated crust for up to 35 days.)

LSD is caused by the virus which is known as capripoxvirus and this capripoxvirus belong to the goatpox and sheeppox virus family. It is transmitted by blood feeding insects like mosquitoes and houseflies. The LSD causes a fever and firm, circular nodes on the animal’s skin.

This disease infected animals immediately and it may lose of weight, lesion in mouth and along with the reduced milk yield. LSD also caused difficulty breathing . It also destroys the digestive tracts of animals.

Treatment of LSD:
Every state of government has been ring vaccinating healthy cattle heads in a five-kilometer radius of an outbreak by administering the goat pox virus. LSD is a virus that is not easy to cure. It is only cured through vaccination.

The Lumpy skin disease virus badly affected the mucous membrane, so a vaccine was developed, which is known as Lumpi-Pro vac. MERC SOL is a prominent medicine. Other medicines such as MERCSOL, BELLADONNA, HEPAR SULP, RHUS TOX, and LACHESIS are also used to treat LSD. There is a cheesey discharge in these nodular eruptions, which is very characteristic of MERIC IOD RUB.

This article is jointly authored by Sumayya khan and Abdul Samad from Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Sciences MNS university of Agriculture Multan Pakistan.