TikTok, Zindagi Trust Extend Collab To Drive Digital Safety Awareness

TikTok and Zindagi Trust held a signing ceremony in front of the MoITT, which supported the Digital Safety programme.

TikTok, Zindagi Trust Extend Collab To Drive Digital Safety Awareness

With the backing of the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications, TikTok and Zindagi Trust have announced an expansion of their partnership with the goal of raising awareness of digital safety.

Over 50,000 beneficiaries across 100 public schools in all of Pakistan’s provinces will be impacted by this renewed partnership, which is a part of TikTok‘s global initiatives for Safer Internet Month. A bigger number of schools will have access to this campaign thanks to the Pakistan Telecom Foundation, which has also joined this partnership.

TikTok and Zindagi Trust held a signing ceremony in front of the MoITT, which supported the Digital Safety programme. Around 1800 students, teachers, and parents benefited from more than 20 workshops held in the first phase of this partnership, which was started last year, at the two government schools adopted by Zindagi Trust: SMB Fatima Jinnah and Khatoon-e-Pakistan.

The workshops covered a wide range of topics related to staying safe online, such as safety rules and the TikTok Community Guidelines. “We are happy to extend our partnership with Zindagi Trust, especially after the impact we were jointly able to create around digital safety awareness during the first phase,” said Farah Tukan, Head of Government Relations and Public Policy – Middle East, Turkey, Africa, Pakistan, and South Asia at TikTok.

This extension is yet another positive step in maintaining the online security of our TikTok community in Pakistan. The government prioritizes working actively to create safer online environments, according to the federal minister of information technology and telecommunications.

The collaboration between Zindagi Trust and TikTok is a positive step towards educating young people about the need for digital safety and guiding them in that direction. For the benefit of our younger generation, we look forward to adding value to this partnership.

“We are fully committed to developing a cutting-edge digital infrastructure in Pakistan that guarantees a secure cyberspace and a supportive regulatory environment for everyone. We hope to foster e-governance, transparency, and financial inclusion by supporting this partnership between TikTok and Zindagi Trust, despite the many difficulties and dangers associated with the internet, such as fake news, data privacy, security, and cybercrime”, according to Aisha Humera Moriani, Additional Secretary and Chief Executive Officer, National Information Technology Board.

“At Zindagi Trust, we understand that with opportunities come risks, so it’s critical that we also prepare and support our students to understand and mitigate potential risks,” said Dr. Aamna Pasha, Chief Academic Officer of Zindagi Trust.

Since TikTok has allowed us to continue our efforts to have an impact on public schools, we are especially happy about this collaboration and grateful to have found such wonderful partners.

The second phase of this collaborative program will develop a digital safety toolkit to raise awareness and provide guidelines for navigating the digital realm responsibly. Specific approaches will be provided to counter cyber harassment, bullying, scamming, and fake news, and teach responsible reporting and protection mechanisms.

The Zindagi Trust and TikTok have partnered to create digital safety toolkits that will be disseminated during digital safety workshops at different schools across Pakistan.

The workshops aim to build trusting relationships between parents and students, and educate teachers and parents on using safety features on platforms like TikTok to ensure their children remain safe on social media.

These features include TikTok Family Pairing features, which allows parents to link their TikTok account to their teens’ accounts and set controls, such as Screen time Management, Restricted Mode, and Direct Messages. Additionally, the workshops will provide training and consulting to public schools that wish to launch the safety toolkit.