With the new year approaching, now is the best time to solidify your travel plans – or at least your bucket list – for 2023. For those that have to explore the United States on their lists for next year, there are so many great locations to choose from and go explore.


When it comes to the best places to travel, two cities that instantly top any list are New York City and Los Angeles. While they went a bit quiet at the start of the pandemic, the time off from tourists actually allowed these two cities to completely reinvent themselves.


Both cities are iconic and well-known around the world. And both have so much to do. So if it comes down to choosing to visit New York City or Los Angeles, you should make your decision based on the offerings that excite you the most. To help you figure out where you want to go, we’ve rounded up all you need to know about these beloved cities.


Top Reasons to Visit New York City

When it comes to exciting cities, New York certainly does not fall short in this arena. With world-class restaurants, incredible architecture, one-of-a-kind galleries and a vibrancy that words simply can not describe, it is no surprise many people select New York as a priority destination to visit.


1. Convenient to Explore

New York City is designed to make exploring easy. While you could pay a premium to take their world-famous yellow taxi cabs, they also have a range of subways and trains that make commuting easy and affordable.


For those taking the train, Penn Station luggage storage allows you to arrive by train, securely store your luggage and hit the ground running around the city. In fact, walking New York is super easy – making it easy to explore.


2. Seasonal Weather

There is never a bad time to visit New York City. The spring is colorful, the summer is vibrant, the fall is cozy and winter is full of holiday cheer. This means that regardless of the month you choose, there will be a special atmosphere in this city. While summer is full of picnics in Central Park, winter is full of celebrations and festive lights.


3. Delicious Restaurants

New York is cutting-edge when it comes to incredible restaurants. In fact, some people come to this city just for the food scene. You have the world’s best chefs creating the most unique menus – meaning that there is always a scene when going out to eat. You could easily make your trip to New York revolve around food and leave feeling completely satisfied,


4. Get Lost

Because New York is such an easy city to explore, one of the most fun things the city allows you to do is get lost. This means you can easily arrive with no plan, decide to simply wander and run into a ton of amazing experiences spontaneously. Getting lost in New York City is something everyone should experience at least once.


Top Reasons to Visit Los Angeles

The west coast competitor to New York, Los Angeles is the city where dreams are made and year-round sunshine exists.


1. Great Weather

If you are looking to escape the cold next year, then put Los Angeles on the top of your list. It is the land of sunshine, palm trees and a salty ocean breeze. With an entire coastline of beaches to choose from, you can easily make your trip to Los Angeles one that completely revolves around the beach – and even leave with a tan!


2. Entertainment Capital

Los Angeles is also the heart of entertainment, with Hollywood and Universal Studios calling this city home. If you are a movie buff, then Los Angeles is a place you will certainly want to visit. You can not only tour behind-the-scenes but spend days taking celebrity bus tours to see where the rich and famous live as well.


3. Have Fun

Los Angeles is also home to a ton of amusement parks. So if you are looking for an active and fun holiday, this city provides weeks worth of amusement park fun. From Disneyland to Universal Studio, there are so many great parks to spend the day at and get a boost of endorphins from too.


4. Healthy Food

Los Angeles is synonymous with wellness. Meaning that in addition to the range of world-class spas on offer, they also have a range of innovative health food restaurants that allow you to eat clean while also getting to enjoy every bite. Going on vacation to Los Angeles means you can come back healthier than you arrived.



New York City and Los Angeles are two of the best cities to explore in 2023. Both offer so much, meaning you can’t choose wrong.  What one will you decide to visit first?