Karandaaz launches second round of women entrepreneurship challenge 2018 funded by DFID

Addressing the seminar, Dr. Muhammad Siddique said that the Sindh University was playing its role in imparting higher education and research in the society with full responsibility.

Karandaaz launches second round of women entrepreneurship challenge 2018 funded by DFID

The first of a two-day international conference titled “Women Entrepreneurship: Challenges and Opportunities” got under way on Wednesday at Jamshoro’s University of Sindh. Professor (Meritorious) Dr. Muhammad Siddique Kalhoro, the vice chancellor, presided over the conference’s opening ceremony.

The conference on Women Entrepreneurship: Challenges and Opportunities was organized by the university’s Technology Incubation Center, which is part of the faculty of engineering and technology.

Addressing the seminar, Prof Dr. Muhammad Siddique Kalhoro said that the Sindh University was playing its role in imparting higher education and research in the society with full responsibility.

The number of female students getting higher education has increased significantly, with 10,000 enrolled in the University of Sindh and 2,000 living in girls’ hostels.

There are great ranks for women, especially when it comes to mothers, and SU is trying to get more scholarships for girls. Donors and scholarship givers are now giving cash amounts to meritorious students.

The VC stated that it was a pity that rumours were being spread that the varsity environment was not good for girl students, which needed to be refuted by educated individuals. He also encouraged successful women to support the university and introduced reforms to make the environment pleasant and friendly.

On SU campuses, the Technology Incubation Center and the National Incubation Center Hyderabad are, according to Dr. Kalhoro, creating employment opportunities. Sindh University has registered a software house that will soon begin operations.

Tanzila Ume Habiba Qambrani, the chief minister’s special assistant for science and technology, stated that women were viewed as having a low status in a society that was predominately male but that women needed to change their views for the better. Women today are more powerful than men in terms of strength, courage, determination, tolerance, and endurance, she claimed, adding that this is the only physical difference between the sexes.

Tanzila Ume Habiba said that women should be given the respect they deserve and that the Sindh government has made laws for women and girls, but implementation should be done by the people themselves. She added that women will not get help from outside or from heaven but must come forward themselves.

Vice-Chancellor Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Medical University Larkano Professor Dr. Nusrat Shah has emphasized the importance of women being technologically savvy and providing them with technical education.

The Sindh government is working on two important projects to improve the economic development and income of the country. Training will be given to students studying in the sixth, seventh, and eighth semesters of information technology, after which they will be made part of the projects of the provincial government.

“Men are more likely to complain about women. “The male is responsible for resolving the complaints of the female in accordance with justice and merit “She claimed that it was a “good omen” that girls were applying to different disciplines in educational institutions, particularly medical universities, in greater numbers than boys.

According to her, one of the reasons why women were hesitant to pursue careers in business or entrepreneurship was because of the social issues that society had created for them.

Dr. Nusrat Shah, a VC, lamented that some women were not allowed to work or do business freely due to the suffocating social system. She encouraged youth, especially girls, to move towards entrepreneurship rather than wasting their time looking for public sector jobs.

She said profits and losses went together in entrepreneurship, but today’s youth are only looking for profit. The government could not do anything alone, but institutions, civil society, and parents should play a role in this context.

Sadaf Abid and Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, University of Sindh, Professor Dr. Khalil ur Rahman Khoumbhati addressed the conference proceedings, objectives, purpose, and sessions. Sadaf Abid encouraged young women to believe in themselves and strengthen themselves economically, while Dr. Khoukmbhati emphasised that it is not possible to live on the earnings of one person.

Dr. Arifa Bhutto, Dr. Zeeshan Bhutti, and others addressed the conference titled “Women Entrepreneurship: Challenges and Opportunities. Research papers relating to the theme of the conference are being presented, and lectures and discussions are being held. Local and foreign speakers are also presenting their research papers.

Stalls for the sale of hand-made products have been set up to encourage students to benefit from entrepreneurship opportunities after completing their qualifications.