The minister claimed that the digital school in Hyderabad was the first of its kind in the country, following the Orangi Town school in Karachi.


Federal Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunication stated on Monday that improving connectivity is a top priority in order to connect the majority of the population to the internet. The statement was made on ceremony for the opening of  Digital School in Latifabad by The Telecom Foundation School (TFS), a unit of the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication.

According to the Muttahida Qaumi Movement of Pakistan’s manifesto, he claimed that the Government College University offered higher education to Hyderabad residents and that a second federal university would soon be established in the second-largest city of Sindh.

After Orangi Town’s school in Karachi, the minister claimed that the digital school in Hyderabad was the first of its kind and that its network would be expanded to other districts in the province.

The government has increased IT exports to the US by $2 billion under the leadership of the Prime Minister, according to the Minister of Information and Technology, who said that 70 projects totaling 65 billion rupees have been launched in the last three years.

The Minister stated, “At a cost of one billion rupees, the National Incubation Center has been established in Hyderabad, where modern education facilities are being provided to the youth regardless of their colour, caste, and creed,” and he added that in the following phase, a digital school will be established in Thatta or Badin.

Speaking of the digital school, the Federal IT Minister noted that a digital school for girls up to primary and secondary levels was established in Orangi Town last month with funding from the Sindh Education Foundation, while the digital school is being introduced in Hyderabad at the primary level, where both girls and boys will receive an education.

A digital school in Hyderabad must be transformed into a secondary school within the next four years, the minister instructed the concerned officers. In the last four years, he claimed, 14 projects totaling Rs 100 billion had been launched nationwide under the Ministry of IT and Telecom, and Rs 14.43 billion had been spent in 20 districts, benefiting more than 14.2 million people.