Youth have pledged to work on urban climate and environmental issues in order to protect metropolitan area from future climate risks.

The youth have pledged to work on urban climate and environmental issues in order to protect the metropolitan area from future climate risks.

The pledge was made during a three-day workshop on environmental sustainability and waste management through young engagement, which was organized by the Sindh Community Foundation in collaboration with the Department of Energy and Environment Engineering and concluded on Saturday at Dawood University of Engineering and Technology.

Environmental management, climate change, urban flooding, urban environmental sustainability, laws, policies, and practices of environmental programs, impacts of waste management on human and mental health, youth engagement, and behavior change communication were among the topics covered during the training.

Dr. Faizullah Abbasi, vice chancellor of Dawood University of Engineering and Technology, stated at the workshop that climate change is a real threat to human society and development that can be addressed through innovative, technological, and low-cost solutions. He also emphasised the importance of developing academic-practice links to address such environmental issues.

According to Javed Soz of the Sindh Community Foundation, Pakistan is experiencing the worst climate issues amid growing environmental degradation, so all sectors, including citizens, the government, CSOs, the corporate sector, and society as a whole, must take these issues seriously in policy-level discourse.

According to environmental journalist Afia Salam, Pakistan has the fastest growing urbanization in South Asia, and Karachi is also dealing with a number of issues, including rapid urbanization, poor waste management, low air quality, and poor biodiversity.

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