French Government Offers 170 Scholarship Programs

French Embassy in Pakistan annually awards scholarships to deserving young Pakistanis to study in France.

French Government Offers 170 Scholarship Programs

170 scholarship programs offered by the French government, universities, regions, or companies are listed on the Campus Bourses scholarship search engine on the Campus France Pakistan website ( Pakistani applicants with outstanding academic records can benefit from a number of funding options for their taught-in-English degrees in France.

All knowledge levels and fields of knowledge are covered. Furthermore, the French Embassy in Pakistan annually awards scholarships to deserving young Pakistanis to study in France for master’s degrees taught in English, short French language courses, or art residencies.

In 2023, France will award 225 000 euros (59.3 million rupees) in scholarship programs, with 197 000 euros (52 million rupees) going to talented students pursuing master’s degrees in France. 

Applications for the Master scholarship programs in 2023 can be submitted in two ways: “FRANCE EXCELLENCE FOR CLIMATE CHANGE” and “FRANCE EXCELLENCE MASTER.” Both options include a return flight from Pakistan to France, a student visa and fees for studying in France, social security in France, and online crash courses in French before departure through the Alliances Françaises (Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi). Furthermore, the “France Excellence for Climate Change” scholarships will include full tuition and a monthly allowance of 860 euros (226,00 rupees).

Depending on availability, preferred access to university residence may be provided. The academic programs chosen for the Embassy of France’s “FRANCE EXCELLENCE FOR CLIMATE CHANGE” scholarship programs for 2023 include top-tier degrees delivered by some of the best French higher education institutions, like IMT Atlantique or Rennes School of Business, all of which specialize in providing courses on climate change resilience covering scientific, managerial, and economic fields.

The “FRANCE EXCELLENCE MASTER” scholarship programs, funded by the French Embassy in Pakistan, is intended to assist Pakistani students residing in Pakistan in continuing their education at the Masters level in France in priority areas identified by the French and Pakistani governments: economics, public policy, environment, and energy.

The Scientific and Higher Education Attaché of the French Embassy in Islamabad (Ms. Sabine Vermillard), as well as the Head of Campus France Pakistan (Fabiha Aziz, a French alumni), can be contacted for an interview by current Pakistani scholarship holders in France for French universities offering scholarships. Please email her at

IMT Atlantique: MSc Process and Bioprocess Engineering; track Project Management for Environmental and Energy Engineering (M1 + M2, M2)

The Master of Science programme is designed to develop project leaders or supervisors capable of managing complex engineering projects in the fields of the environment and energy conversion systems in an international context. PBPE/PM3E is a well-rounded programme that teaches management skills as well as engineering techniques for environmental and energy projects.

The course’s technical component focuses on technology and process engineering, as well as process modelling, simulation, and control. A large portion of the programme is also dedicated to social sciences for project managers.

M1 + M2, M2 Master of Planning and Sustainability: urban and regional planning
Polytechnic University of Tours /

Through research, participants will learn about current challenges in urban sustainable development. It focuses on urban and regional  development in European countries as well as in the Global South. As such, it develops a “one world” approach, providing skills that students can use as planners working in various geographical contexts. The students will be trained in research methods relating to planning and urban studies, with an emphasis on various planning cultures and on the need to incorporate environmental issues in urban development.

The MAN-IMAL Master’s degree, “From Animal to Man: Analyzing and Managing Health and Food Risks,” is an additional and complementary degree whose goal is to provide technical training to students (doctors, pharmacists, veterinarians, scientists, food-processing engineers) as well as advanced skills in public health issues to professionals.

because production chains are becoming increasingly complex in a globalized, industrialized society with an increasing number of stakeholders and regulations. Based on the concept of “One World, One Health,” the man-imal program seeks to respond to these changes through an integrated global and cross-disciplinary approach. To cope with these new issues in public health and food safety, the Master’s degree “From Animal to Man: Analyzing and Managing Health and Food Risks” trains executives for new job profiles.

Materials Science and Engineering Masters – Biorefinery and Biomaterials program (M2) INP Pagora Grenoble /
The goal of the one-year Master’s program in Biorefinery and Biomaterials (Master 2) is to train professionals who specialize in biomass valorization issues, specifically through the development and improvement of processes that allow biomass to be transformed into biomaterials, chemical products, or energy sources.

Consumer, societal, and political pressures from around the world have compelled businesses to incorporate a new dimension into their management practises: sustainability. Both multinational corporations (MNCs) and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) must be able to incorporate sustainable practises into their daily operations.

This programme is intended to prepare students to be business leaders and innovators in the field of sustainable management. They will be able to apply their knowledge of sustainability to responsible business practises and the ethical management of people in organisations.

Students in this master’s program will study a variety of interdisciplinary modules with an emphasis on both business practices and environmental engineering. This program prepares managers and business leaders for rapidly changing scenarios by incorporating new technologies and practices and is built on five major pillars:

The human element; INSIGHT; The geopolitical context; INTERNATIONAL, Digital Business Nuances and Opportunities; The development of new business models and services using intelligence; INNOVATION, the process of creating societal and organisational value; IMPACT
The programme is intended to provide the best benefit-to-cost ratio of any triple-accredited institution.

The course is designed to meet the needs of today’s business leaders, and it is taught by an international faculty of leading experts and academics using cutting-edge teaching methods.

Students will engage in virtual teamwork, case studies, field simulations, and two highly informative field trips during the course. Within the scope of the specialization “Impactful International Operations”, students will learn top-notch knowledge around Environmental Impact Assessment, Data-driven and green supply chain management.