HEC Proposes Establishment Of Pakistan Window at Oxford University

HEC in collaboration with UoL, hosted an international seminar on “Pakistan’s Growing Global Impact: A Data Masterclass by the THE”.

HEC Proposes Establishment Of Pakistan Window at Oxford University

Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed stressed the importance of Pakistani universities compiling data and emphasising their accomplishments in submissions to global ranking agencies. He also emphasised how, in terms of ranking requirements, Pakistani universities’ standards differ from those of universities in other countries around the world.

The Higher Education Commission (HEC), in collaboration with the University of Lahore (UoL), hosted an international seminar on “Pakistan’s Growing Global Impact: A Data Masterclass by the Times Higher Education (THE)” on Wednesday at the HEC Secretariat for Pakistan’s public and private sector universities.

Representatives from universities across the country listened intently as THE explained the parameters and standards used in the global rankings. The event focused on “The World University Ranking” and other rankings relevant to the region. Chairman of HEC, Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed, opened the event with his welcome address.

He spoke about National Ranking Standards and Mechanisms.”Over the last two decades, HEC has done quite well in the higher education sector, and I am confident that our universities will learn from this opportunity and position themselves accordingly by showcasing their achievements,” the chairman said.

Global ranking agencies play a significant role in providing information and analysis on various institutions and countries, such as universities, businesses, and governments. They help provide an objective measure of performance and reputation that can aid decision-making by individuals, organizations, and governments.

THE Phil Baty, the event’s keynote speaker, provided a detailed breakdown of the World University Rankings methodology, as well as data and in-depth analysis based on the most recent ranking, so universities could better position themselves to enter and excel in the World University Rankings, Emerging Economies University Rankings, Impact Rankings and Asia University Rankings.

Baty also provided exclusive analysis of Pakistan’s performance across THE’s flagship global rankings, the prestigious THE World University Rankings and the pioneering THE Impact Rankings, along with the country’s current worldwide status. Pakistan is making rapid progress. In fact, it is matching China in its pace of improvement.

“The key characteristics of Pakistani universities are citations, the quality of research as opposed to the volume of research, and, most importantly, doing it without adequate funding,” Batty explained, adding that despite all of these factors, Pakistan has not achieved the international reputation it deserves because simply doing is not enough. “You must present your achievements and send us more and more data, and I am willing to assist and guide universities that are having difficulty with this part.”

Times Higher Education (THE) is the company behind the world’s most influential university ranking, with nearly five decades of experience as a source of higher education analysis and insight. For 15 years, its ranking has been the gold standard for global, research-intensive universities around the world.