PACP provides assistance to people suffering from mental illnesses & ensures that clinical psychologists always provide most scientific assistance to patients.

The Pakistan Association of Clinical Psychologists (PACP) believes that the current political crises are causing widespread psychological problems. “As experts and practitioners of science dealing with human behaviour, emotions, and mental health problems, the political confrontation in the country has already resulted in unprecedented social fragmentation,” warned PACP President Prof. Dr. Nashi Khan and General Secretary Prof. Dr. Saima Dawood.

PACP, as a national body of clinical psychologists, provides assistance to people suffering from mental illnesses and ensures that clinical psychologists always provide the most scientific and ethical assistance to patients.

At the same time, we are constantly concerned about the social circumstances that contribute to mental health problems in our society. At this point, the PACP feels obligated to express its concerns about the country’s current political crises. Our concerns are not political in any way; rather, we are concerned about the rise in mental health problems.

“Not only on social media but also in reality, human relationships are in grave danger, primarily due to political differences of opinion,” they said, adding that people are taking extreme positions on their political views, leaving no room for dialogue and discussion.

This is simply a reflection of what political leaders and parties do to each other on a national level. This attitude results in a multidimensional outcome. At the societal level, it created a social schism and violent trends. It caused political instability on another level, ultimately resulting in a massive economic meltdown.

All of these outcomes are harmful to the mental health of people living in the country under these conditions. The PACP expresses its concerns to all those in charge and encourages them to seek quick, irrefutable, and collaborative solutions. The PACP recommends that all political parties take immediate action to reach an agreement to resolve the current economic crises that are crippling people’s livelihoods.

All political parties should immediately convene at the table of dialogue to discuss the country’s future. The society, which does not resolve its differences through dialogue, ends up using violence. “This is exactly what we are seeing in our school-age children,” they added.

The PACP urged all political parties to accept each other’s mandates through political conscientiousness. To prevent the spread of extremism in society, political leaders and parties should monitor how they express their opinions against one another. The derogatory language used by leaders filters down to the masses, increasing intolerance in society.

Political stability is the most important component of our secure future, and it should be achieved sooner rather than later. The PACP feels that the attitude of political leaders is increasing their distance from the political instability rather than engulfing the gap.