Umair Azam said that export of ICT services, including telecommunication, computer, and information services, reached US$2.6B in FY22, up from US$2.1B in FY21.

Umair Azam, Founder and CEO of Integration Xperts, said that the export of ICT services, including telecommunication, computer, and information services, reached US$2.6 billion in FY22, up from US$2.1 billion in FY21, and it can be significantly increased by focusing on cloud deployments and investing in newer technologies such as IoT and AI.

Umair shared these thoughts during a panel discussion titled “IT Exports and the Way Forward” at the recent Global Digital Summit 2023 in Islamabad.

“The IT sector in Pakistan has shown consistent growth over the last few years, giving us a glimpse of its potential. Support from the government and academia for improving the ease of doing business, tax breaks, promoting research and development, and producing skilled human resources can do wonders for Pakistan,” said Umair Azam.

He also stated that there is a need to develop and train human resources, as well as provide them with lucrative opportunities in Pakistan, in order to halt brain drain. Furthermore, local organisations should invest in R&D to work on revolutionary ideas to strengthen Pakistan’s position on the global stage, according to Umair.

Umair believes that by focusing on niche markets and developing strong relationships with international partners, Pakistan can exponentially increase its IT exports by 2025.

The summit’s chief guest was Pakistan’s President, who was joined by more than 300 stakeholders, thought leaders, and innovators from the IT industry. In addition, the president presented the CXO Excellence Award to Umair Azam, founder and CEO of Integration Xperts, to recognise the company as a top performer in the IT industry of Pakistan.

Export of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) services refers to the sale or provision of technology-based services to customers or clients located in foreign countries.

These services can include things like software development, data analytics, cloud computing, and consulting services. The export of ICT services is a significant contributor to many countries’ economies and is expected to continue to grow as technology becomes increasingly important in all industries.