Chinese Robotic Dogs The Hottest New Thing Available In Market

Unitree is not the only company that sells such items. Boston Dynamics’ Spot is unquestionably the market leader in this category.

Chinese Robotic Dogs The Hottest New Thing Available In Market

Chinese robotics manufacturer, Unitree, has a four-legged robotic dog offering. What makes the dog super special is that it can do push-ups. Robotic dogs are the hottest new thing available in the market, and just like their natural counterparts, this quadruped buddy also wants to be man’s best friend.

For this, the dog, or its manufacturer, will make sure it does everything to help you out, and if doing push-ups is what it takes, then that’s what it will be trained to do.

Unitree isn’t the only provider of such products. U.S.-based Boston Dynamics’ Spot is distinguishedly the market leader regarding these robots. Interesting Engineering has previously reported on many of Spot’s antics and cuteness.

Through videos such as the one shared above, Unitree is also looking to pique the cuteness quotient of its offerings. However, there are many other reasons why one could pick a Unitree robotic dog.

Unitree’s robotic dog, Go1, does not boast bright colors and only has a silvery metallic appearance. But that should not make it less attractive since the robotic dog has multiple features.

Unitree has equipped Go1 with five sets of fisheye binocular depth-sensing technology, which, when combined with its artificial intelligence sensing, is equivalent to 20 of Intel’s real sense sensors.

Go1 also features an Intelligent Concomitant System that uses a patented wireless vector positioning system to ensure that the robot stays within the peripheral vision of the human. This way, one does not have to look back to confirm if the robot is following you, or has succeeded in overcoming obstacles in its path. Additionally, one can also pick a relatively simpler path for the robot to take if the environment is complex to navigate.

Unitree also claims that Go1’s joints are made using its patented technology that allows powerful joints to be made with ultra-low weights. The robot can carry up to 11 pounds of weight and is equipped with an advanced heat dissipation system to take care of its cooling needs.
The Go1 robotic dog can walk at the top speed of over 10 miles (17 km) an hour and is available in three variants each suited for a pocket-friendly budget. The entry-level Go1 is called Air and features only one pair of the Super sensing system and is available for $2,700 only.

The mid-level Go1 is called Pro and is equipped with five pairs of super sensing systems which take the price to $3,500. For those who want to toy around with the robotic dog and verify its suitability for various purposes, there is the Go1 Edu which allows options of graphical as well as python-based programming interfaces, 4G connectivity, and optional radars too.

Unitree hasn’t shared the price of the last option on the website, which can be a great tool for engineering enthusiasts who want to explore the world of robotic dogs applications without actually breaking the one they own.

Originally published at Interesting Engineering