ThalNova Power Thar successfully Synchronizes with national grid

The successful transmission of the first electron to the national grid is yet another step toward ensuring the country’s energy security.

ThalNova Power Thar successfully Synchronizes with national grid

ThalNova Power Thar (Pvt.) Limited (TNPTL) has reached a watershed moment by successfully synchronising with the national grid. Dr. Mahesh Kumar Malani and other government officials were also in attendance.

The successful transmission of the first electron to the national grid is yet another step toward ensuring the country’s energy security. This significant development is yet another step forward in HUBCO’s efforts to provide the country with reliable and affordable energy.

TNPTL is a 330 MW mine-mouthlignite-fired power plant located in Thar Coal Block II, Sindh, and it is a component of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Hub Power Company Limited (HUBCO), Thal Limited, Novatex Limited, China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC), and Descon Engineering Limited are partners in the project.

The project’s foreign financing was arranged through a Chinese syndicate led by China Development Bank, while the local financing was arranged through a syndicate led by Habib Bank Limited.

The project began construction from the sponsor’s equity in March 2019 to ensure a timely commercial operation date (COD) and to begin utilising the local resource of Thar coal as soon as possible. The project reached financial close in September 2020, and COD is expected in January 2023.

Mr. Kamran Kamal (CEO of HUBCO) and Mr. Saleemullah Memon (CEO of TEL & TN) discussed key project highlights. During the plant tour, he stressed that ThalNova is a European technology-based power plant with a boiler, turbine, and generator designed and manufactured by the world-renowned company General Electric.

This results in higher reliability standards and emissions that are even lower than the SEPA-allowed limits. He also mentioned that in 2019, with the goal of empowering Thar residents, several Thar residents were inducted and trained at HUBCO’s Hub plant.

These trainees are now employed as engineers and technicians at ThalNova and Thar Energy Limited (TEL), another similar power plant established by HUBCO in the same area.

Thar Energy Limited and ThalNova Power Thar have also contributed significantly to regional development with the help of the Thar Foundation in order to evolve Thar into a prosperous and progressive community. TEL and TN donations are being used to provide locals with access to quality education and health care, means of income, and an improved standard of living.

Moving forward, our goal is to accelerate the region’s social and economic development by making meaningful and significant improvements in areas where they are most needed.

TNPTL Plant uses Thar coal from Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company (SECMC), a joint venture in which HUBCO also has a stake.The use of indigenous fuel is a development that will help further revolutionise Pakistan’s energy sector.

In light of the current economic situation and rising fuel prices, this use of local fuel will significantly assist the nation in becoming proficient in supporting its own energy needs through local resources rather than allocating funds to import fuel, thereby lowering the country’s import bill.

ThalNova will be the country’s first and only coal-fired power plant run entirely by Pakistanis. Using indigenous fuel, the plant would generate electricity at extremely low costs.

The indigenous nature of fuel, combined with its affordability, will significantly reduce the country’s financial burden during this time of global economic and financial crisis.