Pakistan's ed tech startup Valeem Raises pre seed funding

In the midst of economic turmoil and uncertainty, Valeem joins the ranks of successful startups that have made a name for themselves through innovative ideas.


Pakistan's ed tech startup Valeem Raises Pre seed Funding

Valeem, a Pakistan-based ed-tech startup that pioneered the online education market, announced yesterday that it had raised a pre-seed round of funding from a US-based angel investor at a valuation of seven figures.

This seed funding provides reassurance that local startups can still make a difference, and investor confidence remains high. In the midst of economic turmoil and uncertainty, Valeem joins the ranks of successful startups that have made a name for themselves through innovative ideas.

The startup has established a presence in the education technology space, exploring untapped potential and creating export-based opportunities.

This seed will aid in the acceleration of Valeem’s online expansion and make the platform more user-friendly for teachers, students, and parents, resulting in a more seamless learning experience and improved grades and academics for the current generation.

Valeem, founded in late 2018 by Shoaib Jamil, Ali Rehan, and M. Ghayas Uddin, is an academic marketplace that connects students, parents, and teachers worldwide to provide quality education services.

Valeem has prioritised service expansion since its inception in order to meet the diverse learning needs of today’s generation. The website offers over 800 live courses taught by over 500 instructors. According to the startup’s website, it has a 91% retention rate. With so many options, being able to retain its students is an admirable accomplishment.

“We don’t just enrol students and give them instruction. Our journey begins with a thorough screening of instructors. We place a lot of emphasis on who our teachers are,” said M. Ghayas (Co-Founder), explaining Valeem’s value proposition and how it differentiates itself from other educational institutions.

“The learning experience is further enhanced by having a one-to-one live online class between the student and the teacher, a key feature missing in today’s education system. Only then can we ensure that students receive their full attention.”

“We also believe that counselling is important. Because the concept of counselling has always been very limited, we made sure that we had dedicated counsellor support for all of our students and parents from the beginning,” he added.

More importantly, Valeem is assisting teachers in broadening their reach to students all over the world. Expert teachers can now use their abilities from the comfort of their own homes to assist students in need anywhere in the world.

It is also creating opportunities for professionals from all fields to upskill. Along with live academic classes, Valeem works tirelessly to provide skill-based, aptitude tests, self-care, and recreational learning programmes to assist not only students but adults in making better use of their time and contributing to the flourishing of a better society.

“Students are entering a new era of learning,” said Ali Rehan, Co-Founder. Technology advancements have made it possible to provide high-quality education at a reasonable cost. With Valeem experiencing such growth in the cross-border ed-tech boom, we hope to play an important role in effectively reshaping the education system for this generation and beyond.”