AMI System in Islamabad, An Initiative To Prevent Electricity Theft

IESCO’s Chief stated that AMI system was revolutionary initiative in power sector, emphasising the importance of new & advanced technology in provision of better services.

AMI System in Islamabad, An Initiative To Prevent Electricity Theft

Islamabad Electric Supply Company’s (IESCO) Chief Dr. Muhammad Amjad stated that the Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system was a revolutionary initiative in the power sector, emphasizing the importance of new and advanced technology in the provision of better services.

According to the instructions of the government and the Federal Minister Power Division, the implementation of AMI system in the Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) region was moving quickly, he said in a statement issued here.

The project was personally overseen by Engineer Qamar ul Islam Raja, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of IESCO.

The CEO stated that in the first phase, work on data centre construction and other installations was moving quickly. He added that all IESCO industrial tariff consumers and high-loss feeders would be converted to AMI metering.

He claimed that automated, 100% accurate, and timely metre readings would be possible, resulting in significant savings on metre reading costs.

In the event of power theft, tripping, failure, or defective metres, he said, an automated notification would be received in the data centre, and immediate instructions would be issued to the relevant SDO for complaint rectification.

He stated that consumers would be able to control their electricity bills by monitoring their daily consumption via the mobile application.

24-hour monitoring of load metres and transformers from the data centre would also be ensured, resulting in a significant reduction in the burning rate of transformers and electricity metres, as well as a reduction in the organization’s operational costs.

The CEO stated that due to timely billing, bill recovery would increase and that non-paying bill customers’ power supplies would be automatically disconnected from the data control room.

He stated that by controlling power theft and technical faults on the distribution system, IESCO’s line losses would be reduced. The implementation of an AMI system would reduce electricity theft and speed up the resolution of consumer complaints.

He stated that having 100% accurate metre readings would improve relations between IESCO and its valued customers.

AMI collects high-resolution metre data, which can be used to detect electricity theft. At predefined small time intervals, smart metre electricity consumption data is sent to a control centre. One important feature of AMI is that the data transferred is highly predictable.