The world encountered a lethal pandemic of (COVID-19) in 2019 which is a shared hazard to the whole of humanity.


During the procedure of combatting COVID-19 domestically, China gave immense importance to global cooperation to fight the pandemic globally, such as data sharing on the pandemic with the international community, providing bilateral and multilateral backing to other affected nations, etc.

Chinese President Xi Jinping said that viruses don’t respect peripheries, and pandemics don’t respect ethnicities. The eruption of COVID-19 has once again exhibited that mankind is a community of shared destiny. China has continued to firmly adhere to the idea of a community of shared destiny and working jointly with people of all polities to seek definitive success in the fight the pandemic globally against all the challenges to humanity.

In the last three years, China demonstrated what President Xi said at the global health summit in 2021.

China provided an additional 3 billion US dollars in international aid to support the COVID-19 response and monetary and social rehab in other developing countries. Not only was the vaccine produced by China, but also it donated the vaccine generously to the majority of countries.

China even sent its medical teams to multiple countries, where Chinese doctors served tirelessly to fight the pandemic globally and save humanity. Pakistan got its first batches of vaccine and Covid-19 kits from China too. While the US and other European countries were struggling with the pandemic, China graciously supported them in every possible way, despite being severely hit by the pandemic itself.

China also supported its vaccine firms in passing on technologies to other developing countries and carrying out combined production with them.

The majority of people across the globe are vaccinated for Covid-19, but the emergence of its variants is a constant threat to humanity. China took strict measures to fight the pandemic globally and control this menace. The flights to and from China have been minimized to the maximum. Foreigners residing in China supported the policies of the Chinese government as well.

Just in the recent past, China had an Omicron variant of COVID-19 and the number of affected people rose again. To combat this new variant, the Chinese government made temporary hospitals, clinics, and health centers. A special hotline 120 is created for the assistance of the patients. Along with this lethal pandemic war, China was the first country to recover its economy back on track.

A Roman philosopher said, “we are all waves of the same sea”. This pandemic proved the Chinese vision of a shared future of humanity and a joint effort to combat such threats is inevitably important.

Hoping that joint global efforts will eradicate this menace, which seems impossible as the variants keep emerging. Despite all the challenges, the fight to strive to be a victor in this battle against COVID-19 must go on.

This article is written by Sadia Sattar.