To Regain Nation's Glory Need To Follow Pakistan Movement Leaders

Academicians, intellectuals, historians, social scientists & intellectuals agreed that addressing our society’s recent challenges requires adhering to teachings Pakistan Movement leaders.

To Regain Nation's Glory Need To Follow Pakistan Movement Leaders

Academicians, intellectuals, historians, social scientists and intellectuals agreed on Saturday that our society’s recent challenges, such as the country’s plummeting economy and lost glory, can only be addressed by adhering to the teachings of the country’s forefathers and Pakistan Movement leaders.

They discussed a scholar, poet, and Pakistan Movement leader, Allama Muhammad Iqbal, who warned in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries about social ills that could change the course of civilizations and bring drastic changes in society, as well as in the cultural and economic spheres, while advising Muslim leaders to prioritise knowledge and education to save future generations.

Senior historians, poets, academicians, and health experts spoke at the 23rd thematic calendar launch from the platform of the Jahan-e-Maseeha Adbi Forum, emphasising Iqbal’s philosophy, which they believed had become more relevant in the current state of national affairs. They also mentioned his well-known poetry collection, which had become indispensable in dealing with today’s challenges.

Dr. Khalid Iraqi, Vice Chancellor of the University of Karachi, lamented that, despite having a poet like Iqbal who conveyed a universal message for social development, economic growth, and a stable society, the country is facing the worst crisis in its history in those three areas.

According to poet Ajmal Siraj, an advisory committee of educators, writers, and scholars chose Iqbal’s life and literary works as the theme for the next year’s calendar because he was a great philosopher who presented the principles of free speech, good governance, and the economic well-being of people and stressed wisdom that could only be achieved through knowledge.

“After months of research, this calendar has emerged as an artwork, which compels people not only to know more about the life of Allama Iqbal but also puts them on the path of knowledge. His work has become more relevant in the current crisis-like situation.”

Syed Jamshaid Ahmed of the pharmaceutical company PharmEvo, which annually funds the creation of thematic calendars, stated that they believe in establishing and creating a healthier society.

“And for a healthier society, we believe that not only medicines but also the promotion of literary activities through book fairs and mushairas, as well as publishing books and thematic calendars, are important contributions.”

Haroon Qasim, Managing Director of PharmEvo, stated that the company is working to create a healthy society that is not only physically and mentally fit, but also thrives socially and intellectually. He stated that the messages of great philosophers such as Iqbal inspire Pakistani youth.

“At the moment, Pakistan is not only facing economic challenges but also political and social issues, which can be addressed and resolved by turning to the message and philosophy of Allama Iqbal.”

He stated that Iqbal was not only a poet but also a reformer and philosopher who identified the causes of the Muslim Ummah’s demise and advised Muslims to follow Islamic teachings in order to become world leaders.

Originally published at The News