The word education is comes from the Latin word “educare” which literally means “to bring out”.


By Areesha Aslam

Education is really important for every person so they can realize there national duty, The good environment of society is mainly depend on awareness and education is the only way to aware the person about his social rights his national duties and of course education play an important role in economic development because educated people enhances their productivity and efficiency with  people .Education also provide people necessary skills so they can play their role to support the sustainability of economic growth of the country.

Now a days, Pakistan is facing many envoirmental and economical problems due to lack of education and awareness, According to survey the total population of Pakistan is 220.9 million. The current literacy rate of Pakistan is 62.3 which mean that an estimated population of 60 million is illiterate in the country. The main reason of high illiteracy rate in Pakistan is multiple system of education. Our education system is divided into standards like Cambridge system , English medium, Urdu medium and madrasa system which is the basic reason of social division and social conflicts. Poor examination system examinations are conducted to test the ability of a student and find out his academic learning and knowledge but some students look upon degree just to get an employment in a commercial commodity which can be purchase if you pay a price. Insufficient Budget Allocation The share of public education expenditure in national budget is declined in Pakistan. According to research Pakistan spends less than 2 percent of its GDP on education., Corruption is one of the major contributing factors for failure of educational policy is teachers poorly paid in the best of circumstances, made extra money by tutoring and payment of bribes Lack of research Our curriculum is not updated to compete with the rest of the world in modern education, curricula are not relevant for the needs of the 21st century.

Here are some recommendations for how do improvise our education system:

Appropriateness of Curriculum A uniform system of education for all the citizens should be introduced. Curriculum should be made updated to compete the modern world. Computer education should also be introduced gradually. Proper Religious education should be incorporated in curriculum. Interesting and informative documentaries and activities should also be design. Jobs on Merit bases: Jobs should be given on merit bases not on personal relations. So the students will focus on their education not only on his/her degree. We have to think about our nation’s future more than our personal interest. Increase in budget: Government have to focus on Educational Budget, They Also have to give free scholarships to those students who are intelligent and genius who belongs from poor’s family. Those students who can’t afford higher education in that way these bright students will make our nations and country name’s bright in future.. Improve Teacher’s Selection  and Promote Researches: Institutes have to improve teacher’s selection because the education system is as good as our teachers good. Teaching is not an easy profession as much as it consider in our counter. In our country most of the teacher and professors hired due to their relations with political party. The research is the key to the solution of many problems and has basic significant in bringing above qualities and improvement in education. High priority should be given to research and development and technology, in order to solve practical problem.

There is no disagreeing the fact that education is the backbone in the development of any nation. It matures the people mentally, physically, socially and spiritually. The countries that have an effective system of education also happen to be the leaders of the world, both socially and economically. It’s our responsibility to work for advancement of our education reforms so that we lie up our self along western countries.