Islamabad Capital Police decided to start work on the e-health system immediately in collaboration with Al-Tirmidhi Foundation.

The Capital Police on Thursday discussed the e-health facility for its personnel with a delegation of Al-Tirmidhi Foundation from Malaysia and decided to make it fully operational by the end of this year.

A delegation of Al-Tirmidhi Foundation from Malaysia, a friend of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, visited the Central Police Office Islamabad and met with IGP Islamabad Dr. Akbar Nasir Khan. In the meeting, Islamabad Capital Police decided to start work on the e-health facility immediately in collaboration with Al-Tirmidhi Foundation.

In the first phase, tele-health booths will be set up in the Central Police Office, DIG Operations office and SSG line. This system will be fully activated by December 31, 2022, for all personnel of the Islamabad police.

Paramedical staff will be present at the booths round the clock and senior doctors will be available online at these booths. Policemen may get medicines after visiting the booths and consultation fees will be paid by the police department itself.

Along with this, mobile tele-health units would be also set up and doctors would visit the houses of policemen after receiving any emergency call from them. The existing ambulances of Islamabad Capital Police are being connected with this system which will have online telehealth doctors to provide services to policemen during special duties at gatherings, public events, or any other law and order situation.

A memorandum of understanding will be signed between the Islamabad Capital Police and Al-Tirmidhi Foundation for immediate and effective implementation of this program on a permanent basis. IGP Islamabad said that personnel of the force have risks of diseases like heart attack, blood pressure, mental stress due to old age, and tough duties, and this system will help to improve their health facility and mitigate such risks. E-health technology can play a crucial role in controlling many epidemic diseases through effective surveillance. E-health implementation will result in improving the efficiency, better access of general public to the health care system, and eradication of diseases in Pakistan.

Originally published at The News