Smart City Expo of China brings together technologies and products, kicks off

This year’s China Smart City Expo brings together technologies and products in the fields such as urban planning and management, communication and information technology

Smart City Expo of China brings together technologies and products, kicks off

This year’s China Smart City Expo brings together technologies and products in the fields such as urban planning and management, communication and information technology. The 24th China Hi-tech Fair (CHTF), which is known as “China’s No. 1 Science and Technology Fair” and which attracts global attention, kicked off on November 15.

It has attracted over 1,300 enterprises, including central state-owned enterprises, Fortune 500 enterprises, “little giant” enterprises, listed companies, foreign-funded enterprises and industry leaders. As China’s largest and most influential theme exhibition that focuses on smart city under CHTF, China Smart City Expo is jointly organized by the State Information Center and ADG Expo Group. It takes place at Hall 6 of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center this year.

With the theme of “Digital Linkage, Resources Sharing”, this year’s China Smart City Expo brings together technologies and products in the fields such as urban planning and management, communication and information technology, big data and cloud computing, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, 5G network technology applications, mobile applications, intelligent hardware, Internet of Vehicles, and blockchain.

It fully showcases the world’s cutting-edge innovative application technologies of big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, Internet, and artificial intelligence, as well as excellent R&D achievements and industry solutions; the construction concept of “digital + smart city” and solutions of application of digital economy in the field of smart city; and the use of digital transformation to support the optimization and upgrading of traditional industries as well as the building of smart society.

Nearly 100 enterprises and platform providers comprehensively display typical cases of smart city construction and their achievements, which promote global exchanges and cooperation in smart cities.

Smart city is an advanced pattern of IT-based innovative next-generation cities that make full use of new-generation information technology in all walks of life in cities based on the knowledge society. During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, it is a new stage of accelerated digital development and the building of a digital China, and the construction of smart cities will take place at a deeper level.

The new-type smart city has progressed from the stage that reflects the concept of IT-based industries and e-government to the stage that focuses on horizontal integration, and capability improvement across departments and regions.

In order to better showcase the current status and trend of smart city development, this year’s CHTF China Smart City Expo consists of five exhibition areas: smart city ecosystem, new infrastructure construction, digital economy and industrial innovation, artificial intelligence and intelligent technology experience, and exhibition of smart city achievements.

The smart city expo will present in a multidimensional manner new-type smart city planning, urban renewal, urban operation supervision, environmental monitoring and governance and other solutions.

As well as the systems for urban emergency command center, urban security and emergency services, monitoring and alarm system, integrated disaster prevention and mitigation systems.

The current status of new infrastructure construction such as urban data centers, wireless communication technology, Internet of Things, Internet of Vehicles, cloud computing, big data, and blockchain will be discussed.

New solutions and products that guide the digital development of industries such as intelligent manufacturing, smart government services, smart transport, smart energy, smart agriculture, smart medical care, smart education, smart financing, smart community, and smart cultural tourism.

At the site, visitors can experience world-leading technology products such as affective computing, machine vision, man-computer interaction, spatial recognition, eyeball tracking, 3D scanning, and natural language interaction.

At the smart city expo, Chinese leading enterprises and emerging ones in the field of smart city such as China Electronics Corporation (CEC), ZTE, Huawei, DJI, NIO, EVOC, Inspur, Keppel and Intspace will showcase the latest smart city solutions as well as new technologies and products in related fields.

The project displayed by CEC is the financial-grade digital base “Yuanqi”, which is a new-type digital infrastructure built by CEC for finance and key industries by using new-generation technology architecture based on the full-stack computing industry chain.

With the theme of “Cloud-Network Cornerstone and Digital Intelligence”, ZTE focuses on the construction of cloud-network infrastructure in the context of new infrastructure construction, and demonstrates the use of underlying technological innovation to empower the digital transformation of industries and create a new smart city cloud-network ecosystem.

Keppel showcases services and products such as smart community construction and operation, construction and operation of carbon-neutral shopping malls, planning and construction of carbon-neutral smart islands, transformation of existing urban space, smart building solutions, people-oriented eldercare services, and smart new retail.

Intspace brings intelligent products and solutions for industry-city spaces, including park brain (IOC), digital twin sand table, etc., providing full life cycle services that cover planning, construction, investment promotion, and operations. EVOC focuses on demonstrating the two knockout products of intelligent energy efficiency monitoring (EEM) system and intelligent park service cloud ISCP.

Several policies that focus on construction of new cities such as Key Tasks of New-type Urbanization and Integrated Urban-Rural Development in 2022, Opinions on Promoting Urbanization with the Focus on County Seats, Plan for the Implementation of New-type Urbanization during the 14th Five-Year Plan Period and National Plan for Urban Infrastructure Construction during the 14th Five-Year Period have been released since the beginning of this year. The development of smart cities has picked up speed.

During this year’s CHTF China Smart City Expo, the Smart City Development Forum 2022 will be held on November 16 and 17. The events include three theme forums, as well as project matchmaking meeting and 2022 Smart City Awards Ceremony.

Government and other representatives, experts, scholars, and senior executives of well-known enterprises will be invited to study relevant policies, explore smart city building solutions, explain corporate development trends, and analyze the trend of technology development.

The exchange of ideas and case demonstrations will be conducted in the form of keynote speeches, summit dialogue, etc., which promote the diversified matchmaking between governments, enterprises, and research institutes, and assist in the high-quality development of smart cities.

Under the principle of seeking practical results and cutting communication costs, the organizer brings together enterprises and government departments through special invitation in project matchmaking meetings.

Government leaders in charge of smart city projects in cities in China, senior executives of leading smart city enterprises, and representatives of smart city project investment institutions will be invited to the event.

In the form of closed-door meetings, the event will serve as an exchange and trading platform for smart city technology and solutions, through which problems in smart city building can be resolved, and suppliers’ technology products can be commercialized.

It is reported that the results of the 2022 Smart City Awards will be officially announced during the expo. The event will select the most representative cases of outstanding smart city construction projects and the most powerful and influential smart city service providers of the year, thereby providing excellent case and construction experience for cities, and helping them choose appropriate service providers.

The awards include Leading Smart City, Leading Smart City Service Provider, Comprehensive Award and Individual Award.

The 24th CHTF China Smart City Expo is now open. You are invited to explore the new future of smart city at Hall 6 of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center.