The Pakistan Science Society is committed to promoting STEM education in Pakistan and providing a learning resource for individuals to explore more about STEM.

By Ibrahim Noon 

The society’s achievements are one of the best examples of an educational non-profit. The first such notable project is Project Aagah as part of the Pakistan Science Society. The project consisted of various published articles in STEM available as resource. Particularly noteworthy was the addition of access to a complete research paper with two conference acceptances. Project Shajr has been another successful project implementation at the Pakistan Science Society. The project involved a large scale afforestation project in outskirts of Bhalwal district, Sargodha. Working for a period of one year, the society has shown its impact by showing before and after visuals and has expanded the project to nearby areas ever since.


Moreover, the society published the book “The STEM guide to Pakistan” to encourage STEM education in Pakistan and incorporate it in underprivileged areas where it is previously inaccessible. Although, the book was initially targeted at junior, middle and high schoolers, it is used by individuals working in diverse fields. Write more here!


Both of the projects and the books efforts have considerably helped advance the impact of the Pakistan Science Society helping it to live by its slogan, “STEM for everyone”.


The society’s webpage also shows “Organization to Donate To” and provides a list of all STEM-based non-profits to donate to in Pakistan. It also provides an option for “Lodging a complaint to the Citizens Portal” and has a “Resources” section which offers interesting reads on exploring more about STEM.