China’s Ministry of Education recently released a postgraduate enrollment plan in 2023 customized for the demobilized college student soldiers, covering an enrollment quota of 7,261 persons. This plan is to be undertaken by 513 universities and colleges, including Beijing University, Renmin University of China, and Tsinghua University.

China launches 2023 postgraduate enrollment plan for demobilized college student soldiers

It is learned that China’s Ministry of Education has initiated the special enrollment plan for the demobilized college student soldiers applying for postgraduate programs since 2016. launches 2023 postgraduate, After serving in the military and being demobilized, the college students who meet the requirements for the postgraduate entrance examination can enjoy various preferential policies, such as bonus points for the preliminary examination, exemption from the preliminary examination for those who have won second-class merit citations or above, and preferential admission compared with other applicants with same scores.

Source: ChinaMail