Sci-T conference to enhance science literacy and encourage young people

With the world laureates forum coming up, a Sci-T conference was held in Shanghai, organized by China Media Group and the World Laureates’ Association, to enhance science literacy among young adults. Wang Siwen has more.

Sci-T conference to enhance science literacy and encourage young people

Promoting sciences for the young adults – the Sci-T conference, invites top scientists, academicians and experts to connect young people with top Chinese scientists, so to enhance science literacy.

CHU JUNHAO Academician Chinese Academy of Sciences “Science and technology development need certain conditions, soil, air and nutrients. Soil refers to policy conditions. Air refers to environmental atmosphere, like academic exchanges, and air refers to ability to absorb nutrients from the environment to enable growth.”

Academics from previous generations encourage young adults to innovate and strive to become scientific and technological experts, in this way they can enhance science literacy.

TANG JIE Undergraduate The Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong, Shenzhen “Since I was a child, I have been interested in astronomy, because of the beautiful planets and galaxies. My dream is to make my own contributions to the aerospace industry.”

The conference is held both online and offline.

Different scientific activities and experiments were also organized to demonstrate cutting-edge technology and help find the “future scientists.”

WANG SIWEN Shanghai “As a sidebar event to the upcoming World Laureates’ Forum, the conference provides a platform for young talented people to communicate with top scientists, and hopefully become scientists of the future. WSW, CGTN, SH.”

Originally published at CGTN