Expanded Programme on Immunization Punjab (EPI) will be launching Round II of the Paediatric Covid-19 vaccination drive in five districts of Punjab during which children between the ages of 5 to 12 will receive their second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Paediatric Covid-19 vaccination drive 2nd round starts from 31st

“Covid-19 spread and infection patterns may be different in children as compared to adults, but it doesn’t mean that they’re immune to the virus and disease,” Dr Ahtisham ul Haq, Director Health Services EPI, said, adding: “We must make sure that our children get their second doses so not only they, but we are also protected against the infectious virus.” While addressing a media briefing here at a local hotel on Friday, Dr Ahtisham ul Haq said, “In the second round, the follow-up Covid-19 dose will be administered to only those children who have received their first dose in the previous round of the campaign that ran in September 2022.” “Building on the success of the first round of the campaign, Paediatric Covid-19 vaccination , the current drive is expected to fully immunize our children against Covid-19, giving use greater protection against the pandemic,” Director EPI said, adding: “We are confident that parents will make sure their children receive the second dose of the vaccine to make them fully immunized against the virus.”

Dr Rana Sohail, Director Headquarter Directorate General Health Services said, “The efforts of all implementing partners are worthy of praise the success we have seen before couldn’t have been possible without their commitment. “Globally, paediatric Covid-19 vaccination campaigns have shown positive results and greatly helped curtail the virus. The results show no harmful effects of the vaccine on children so we urge parents across Punjab to complete their children’s vaccination,” Dr Abdul Jabbar, Additional Director EPI said. The campaign will run between October 31 and Nov 5, targeting 5-12 year-old in five districts including Lahore, Multan, Rawalpindi, Bahawalpur, and Okara, where the first campaign was launched. EPI Punjab has dedicated 6586 teams for this campaign while 773 fixed stations have been installed aiming maximum coverage. With about 92% of the eligible population (12 years & above) of the province fully vaccinated, about 96% having received the first dose, and 39% population having received booster doses, Punjab stands out among all provinces in terms of Covid-19 vaccination efforts. It may be noted that in September, the EPI, on directions from the NCOC and the Federal Directorate of Immunization, conducted the first round of the Paediatric Covid-19 vaccination campaign in which 97% children (4.6 million) were administered the first dose.

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