China-Pakistan Health Corridor (CPHC) will provide a platform that can bring changes in the health sector of Pakistan. Working together, both countries could boost this industry around the globe, said Dr. Muhammad Shahbaz, President of China Pakistan Medical Association (CPMA).

China-Pakistan Health Corridor to bring changes in health sector

He said that Pakistan had Harappa and Mohnjo Dharro civilizations dated back to 7,000 years ago. Traditional medicinal practices in Pakistan have a long history and are enjoying closer connection with traditional Chinese medicine, which has been widely used in the treatment and management of complications and pandemic. Jinhua Qinggan Granules (JHQG) have been proved effective and safe in treating COVID-19 patients in Pakistan. China-Pakistan Health Corridor , “Shandong Academy of Chinese Medicine and the Shandong University of Traditional Medicine have signed cooperation agreements with BZU, Punjab University, Gujrat University, and Haripur University. The government can provide more attractive policies for the Chinese Traditional Medicine and Pharma industry to work together with the local enterprises and institutes”, 

Shahbaz told CEN that traditional medicine had played a key role in human history in managing a number of pandemics and plagues such as black fever, SARS, & Covid-19. “Both countries can play a key role in traditional medicine exchanges and could sign an Initiative for Regional Healthcare Centers where herbal and western medicine can be combined together.China-Pakistan Health Corridor , Research & development, management and production, extraction, categorization, usage, education and training, and entrepreneurship can also be done” Shahbaz stated. He further said that Chinese pharma companies could conduct clinical studies in Pakistan with medicine which was already registered or being used in Chinese hospitals for the treatment of respiratory tract infections. “China’s management experience of high-quality herbal medicine resources can be shared with Pakistan. Pakistan is very active in international and exchange platforms, and Pakistan and China can jointly increase the popularity and influence of traditional medicine in the world”,

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