New crops from space, China’s space seed project has bred nearly a thousand new species since the effort began 35 years ago.

How China creates new crops from space – exploring the Hainan Space Breeding Center

Some of the seeds have been tested and grown in southern China’s Hainan Province, home to the nation’s southernmost space launch center. Scientists say sending seeds into orbit helps them develop new crop varieties that can withstand more extreme growing conditions. New crops from space, In low gravity environment and outside the Earth’s protective magnetic shield, the seeds pick up subtle DNA changes and become more resistant to drought and certain diseases. Space seeds have led to the cultivation of new grains, vegetables, fruits and other plants across China, New crops from space, generating over 30 billion dollars in economic benefits. In this livestream, CGTN takes you inside the Hainan Space Breeding Center in Wenchang to find out how food engineers create new crop types out of space seeds, and how they help us adapt to growing population needs and climate challenges.

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