An awareness seminar was held here on World Occupational Therapy Day-2022 to educate people about the adoption of a healthy lifestyle to live a normal life while facing common health challenges.

Awareness Seminar Held On World Occupational Therapy Day

Addressing an event organized by Shifa International Hospital’s rehabilitation department, Chief Operating Officer Shifa International Hospital Taimoor Shah discussed evidence-based practice and the importance of eradicating quackery by producing qualified professionals through proper clinical training in respective disciplines. Saima Kanwal, senior occupational therapist highlighted the role of occupational therapy in improving ADLs in differently-abled populations. World Occupational Therapy Day, World Occupational Therapy Day, The Manager Rehabilitation Department discussed the multi-disciplinary approach to managing development delays in children with special needs. Different activities were carried out, including cognitive rehab exercises, games focusing on gross motor functions, and competitions requiring fine motor skills. Dr Farah Rehman from the National Institute of Special education (NISE) and other professionals working with differently abled children attended the event.

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