China will improve disease monitoring of livestock and poultry to prevent public health risks by revising the Animal Husbandry Law,

China legislators to revise Animal Husbandry Law

The draft revision to the law will be further reviewed at an upcoming session of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, China’s top legislature, which is scheduled to convene from Wednesday to Sunday. Along with intensifying monitoring, the draft amendment will also boost the harmless processing and resource utilization of livestock and poultry to improve sustainable development, Animal Husbandry Law, according to Zang Tiewei, a spokesman for the NPC Standing Committee’s Legislative Affairs Commission. “Animal husbandry is an important industry related to the national economy and people’s livelihood,” he said, adding that the country’s top legislative body not only ensures the safety of grain production, but also guarantees the effective supply of vegetables, meat, eggs and milk. He emphasized that in amending the Animal Husbandry Law, the nation aims to ensure a stable supply of crucial agricultural products and promote high-quality husbandry industrial growth. The draft revision requires governments at the provincial level to shoulder the responsibility of the supply, with the establishment of a unified monitoring and warning system in the husbandry product market, 

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