African hippo population is on the brink, The global animal protection organisation will convene in Panama on November 14 to consider 52 proposals that recommend an increase or decrease in the protection of 600 endangered species.

African hippo population is on the brink of extinction due to high levels of trade

“According to CITES trade data, South Africa exported an average of 122 hippos per year between 2009 and 2018, which is more than 1% of the national hippo population on average. African hippo population is on the brink, This level of legal offtake of hippos threatens to reduce the wild population by as much as 30% over the next three generations.” Delsink adds that hippos are also vulnerable to climate change and droughts; she cited the 2015/16 drought that resulted in the death of 50% of the Kruger National Park’s hippo population. “Including hippos in Appendix I would prohibit international trade in hippos and their parts, thereby ensuring that such trade would not contribute to further declines in wild hippo population,” 

This issue extends beyond South Africa to Africa as ten African representatives intend to recommend the classification of hippo as an endangered species to limit commercial trade. African hippo population is on the brink, HSI director of wildlife programmes Adam Peyman said: “Hippos are an iconic African species, yet the scale of the international trade in their parts and products such as tusks, teeth, skins, skulls and trophies is shocking. We urge CITES parties to adopt this proposal to ensure that this commercial trade ends. This pointless industry of selling animal parts, along with other threats facing hippos, is pushing these incredible animals to the brink of extinction.”

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