A Chinese scientific investigation team on Sunday released the updated height of China’s tallest tree as 83.4 meters,

Chinas tallest tree measured at 83.4 meters

According to the Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden. The record-breaking tree, Abies ernestii var. salouenensis, is located in a mountain valley area in southwest China’s Tibet autonomous region. With an average elevation of 2,800 meters, the area has large precipitation, mild climate, and moderate sunshine. China’s tallest tree, The tree was first found during a scientific investigation conducted by the Institute of Botany under the Chinese Academy of Sciences in May this year. Researchers discovered a number of giant trees with a height of more than 75 meters in the forest, among which the Abies ernestii var. salouenensis was initially measured at 83.2 meters by a drone. China’s tallest tree, An expedition team from the Institute of Botany, the Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden, and other institutes measured the height of the tree again in August and confirmed it to be 83.4 meters. The researchers also measured the tree’s diameter at breast height to be 207 cm and decided that it is about 380 years old.

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