Chinese scientists have accuratey map pea genomes, providing a reference for its evolution and cultivation, according to the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS).

Chinese scientists accurately map pea genomes

As a typical plant for genetic research, the pea has been widely studied. However, its genome is large and complicated to assemble, meaning that its genome sequence had never been mapped with a high degree of accuracy. A research team from the Institute of Crop Sciences under the CAAS sequenced ZW6, map pea genomes, the main pea variety planted in China, and provided improved high-quality fine physical maps and annotations of the pea based on advanced sequencing technologies. map pea genomes , The study analyzed the evolutionary characteristics and population genetic structure of the pea genome, providing valuable resources and data support for revealing the origin and domestication of the pea, as well as its gene research, germplasm innovation and breeding improvement. 

Source: Tis news is originally published  by chinadaily

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