It’s rare to see tech startups by women, in fact only 5-6% of all companies globally are founded by women. Maham has founded one such startup by the name of KuberSignal.

Pakistani Women are at Pace with the World No Matter what the Arena

By Muhammad Farooq

Maham has founded one such startup by the name of KuberSignal.Maham’s primary belief is that tracking fingerprints in today’s digital world is equivalent to tracking footsteps in yesterday’s world and addressing such an invasion of privacy is of utmost importance.

How did it start?

From humble beginnings in Sargodha, Pakistan, Maham’s early life experiences, which included adversity and loss, helped her shape empathy for the individual; appreciate the value of community; embrace transformation to drive outcomes; and aspire for futures that don’t yet appear to be on the horizon.

It also planted the seeds for essential leadership attributes like grit, courage, perseverance and resilience, which have served her well in her career. She has recently led the launch of KuberSignal, the industry’s first consumer centric data privacy platform that aims to empower every individual in their data privacy journey.

It only takes one person?

Her two key traits are her pursuit of endless knowledge and her unwavering courage in the face of obstacles. This is showcased in her numerous certifications and degrees in Computer Science, Engineering, Robotics, Machines Learning, Business and Cyber Security. She’s not only accomplished in academia and has studied at the best institutes in Pakistan and abroad but also is a pioneer in pursuing cutting edge tech, always curious and always studying.

She says that she’s an avid fan of Iqbal’s philosophy of self and considers Jallaludin Rumi as an ultimate mentor.

Maham’s key expertise lies in investigating brands and their cyber posture, comparative to others in the industry, so consumers can be made aware of how the brands they trust are taking care of their data privacy.

The Mission?

The motivation for starting KuberSignal is simple, it’s the belief that an individual is smart and can be trusted to have the ultimate say in his/her own data privacy journey. Maham believes

that companies should be answerable to people and in order for people to make better decisions they should have straightforward, non-convoluted information that puts products and companies side by side and holds them accountable for their data privacy policies, security posture and data use.