Solid waste management is a serious problem for all major towns and cities, municipalities and corporations around the globe.

By Saikat Kumar Basu 

Particularly the plastic pollution pressure has been an acute problem  plugging up sewage and drainage system; and due to their long non-biodegradable nature they stay in our ecosystem for a long period of time disturbing g the natural biogeochemical cycles. Unfortunately we have become accustomed to use of plastics, synthetic rubbers, aluminium foils and other non-biodegradable solid waste so intimately that they have become a part of our life process. The packaging industry uses these raw materials to produce numerous packets that we need as well as containers and other daily use materials that have occupied essential needs of our modern human life across the globe. Hence, the amount of daily global solid waste generated is alarming and severely polluting our sensitive natural ecosystems, biomes and environment. 
But can anyone think about producing wealth from waste; like using discarded thrown away plastics and aluminium foil to produce serious art objects. The accompanying  are a demonstration of this impossible achievement by acclaimed science communicator and artist, Dr. Sima Mukhopadhyay from Kolkata (West Bengal, India). Her meticulous craftsmanship integrated with a great passion for nature has shown us all for the first time how to convert single use plastics, aluminum foils and other solid waste products into intricate art pieces to reduce the plastic use in our society and how to recycle them efficiently. She has nicely demonstrated that such waste plastic materials can be used and reused about 2-3 times; and then finally dumped at any designated recycling centres. A simple yet highly innovative and superbly eco-friendly concept. It will teach little children to be innovative as well as being sensitive and responsible towards our environment. Thanks to Dr. Mukhopadhyay for her outstanding contribution to both arts and crafts as well to our society with her incredible ideas, sincere hard work and immense passion for the protection of our environment.