Startup for improving productivity, Three Pakistani entrepreneurs have come up with innovative technology solutions aimed at improving the productivity of remote workers.

Startup for improving productivity of remote workers launched

The three entrepreneurs are of the view that with the growth of digital economy the stresses of managing work-life integration, such as while dealing with Covid-19 cases, and assisting workers with their wellbeing has never been more important. There had to be something beyond tools that merely manage attendance of remote teams or track tasks or manage payrolls or manage online communications. Startup for improving productivity, This is exactly what the co-founders of Remoty not only realised but also worked on to build something suitable for today’s world. The CEO of Remoty, Mahad Ahmad, has been a serial entrepreneur and has vast experience in solving complex problems and turning them into innovative businesses. He has developed and scaled up numerous startups in the fields of education technology (DIY Geeks), gaming industry (NOERRIC Technologies), social enterprise (BIJI), and SaaS industry (RepairDesk). To solve the huge gap in the area of human resources, Mr Mahad has partnered with Fatimah Zafar and Owais Basit to accelerate the development of the unique solution that is ‘disrupting’ the HR industry. Ms Fatimah has extensive experience in building high-growth startups. Her recent experience at one of the pioneer venture studios of Pakistan gave her a chance to work with some top companies led by some high-profile founders.

Her expertise in building viable and sustainable solutions focusing on the end users has made it possible to fast-track the whole process involving Remoty. Mr Owais is a computer science graduate from ITU and has vast experience in product development and engineering. He has developed some complex frameworks. His experience at Arbisoft has enabled him to work with some giants; therefore, he is now able to build scalable products with sustainable architecture which are easy to scale up at any point in time. “The future of work is hybrid and Remoty has been developed as an intuitive and easy-to-use tool. Startup for improving productivity, We have made sure that it’s a robust tool which facilitates much higher team efficiency and productivity without having HR to do much,” says Mr Owais, the chief technical officer at Remoty. The benefits of Remoty were explained to some key investors and venture funds and in a very short time its team was able to close the first angel round, backed up by some great funds. Consequently, Remoty stands amongst the top 12 companies of Pakistan like TruckItIn, Roomy, InventHub, Metric, Farmdaar that have been backed by Deosai Ventures, which needs no introduction. “Remoty is a low-key startup solving a problem that looks small at first glance but has an exponential impact on teams over the long run, from the smallest startups to the largest organisations,” says Sheheryar Hydri, the founder of Deosai Ventures. Remoty has already managed to attract some great customers such as Arbisoft, Afiniti, The Pokemon Company, Calendly and Carnegie Mellon Labs with many others showing interest in the startup’s tools.

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