Nvidia has released a few new teasers on Twitter for its upcoming GeForce RTX 40-Series Beyond event on September 20. The latest teasers show us a dual monitor GeForce-themed gaming setup, with what appears to be a phone number written down on a sticky note and an advanced mathematical equation on another.

Nvidia Continues to Tease GeForce RTX 40-Series GPU Announcement

The GeForce Beyond event will announce the long-awaited arrival of Nvidia’s new Ada RTX 40-series GPUs. This latest teaser from Nvidia is more detailed, potentially hiding even more clues as to what is coming. It showcases a dual monitor gaming setup, color coordinated in Nvidia’s green color theme, with a glowing “Holocron” to the right of the setup. On one of the monitors is a sticky note with what appears to be a phone number written down on it. The number is “(208) 629-7538”. Calling the number results in a voicemail asking, “Tell us, how fast would you like to go?” Beyond that cryptic message, the numbers could potentially hint at Ada Lovelace GPU specifications. Nvidia GeForce RTX 40-Series, For instance, one rumored die size of AD102 is 628mm square, and the middle number in the sequence is 629. Perhaps the rumors are off, and AD102 is a 629mm square die. Other potential ideas are that 208 could relate to clock speed (2.08GHz) or relative speedup (2.08X), and 7538 might be the transistor count (75.38 billion), but those seem a stretch. We don’t have long to wait until the RTX 40 series’ announcement to find out the facts.

On the same GeForce-themed gaming setup, Nvidia released another teaser showcasing the white piece of paper on the desk. Upon inspection, it is visibly apparent this is some advanced mathematical equation, Nvidia GeForce RTX 40-Series, which undoubtedly points towards English mathematician Ada Lovelace, which is the RTX 40-series codename. Ada Lovelace was born in the 1800s and is renowned for her work on the Analytical engine. She was the first person to recognize the potential in machine code for more than just pure mathematical calculations. As a result, she is regarded as the world’s first computer programmer. Nvidia’s GeForce Beyond event will air on September 20th, at 8 PM PT on Tuesday, during the GTC 2022 conference. We expect Nvidia will announce the details of its brand new Ada Lovelace GPU architecture at the event and potentially some new consumer-focused gaming GPUs such as the RTX 4090.

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