Autumn autumn grain growth well across China as corn, rice and soybeans reach maturity.

China sees good autumn grain growth in most regions

According to statistics released by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the total sown area of autumn grain this year exceeds 866,667 square kilometers, a stable increase compared to last year. autumn grain growth, The growth of autumn crops in most regions is better than last year, except for parts of southern regions affected by droughts. Corn, middle-season rice, soybean and other crops are in the ripening phase. The growth of corn is better than last year, and corn accounts for over half of the total autumn grain production, which indicates a promising bumper harvest.

By the end of September, a large area of autumn grain crops will be ready for harvest. According to Zhu Juan, head of the agricultural information service department at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, more effort should be made to prevent early frost and northern typhoons in northeast China., Zhu also said it was important to reap the corn in the Yellow River-Huaihe River-Haihe River regions and northwestern regions properly, late but not too late, plant more late autumn crops in south China and try to maintain the crop production in regions affected by natural disasters.

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